Chrome to Phone, or How Share Links between Your Mobile and Your Computer (Part 1)

By: camillebrion

There is a pending matter still unresolved by Google between your web browser for computer, Google Chrome, and your browser for mobile, Android Chrome. There is no communication between them, something unthinkable, are not synchronized in any way, or Favorites, or passwords, nothing. We do not know the reasons that Google should have to not fix this, but it is unthinkable considering that other companies as Opera they already give solution to this problem.

When Google does solution developer community seeks alternatives and, in this case, we present a solution halfway. Half? Yes, because part of the solution if Google has managed it, but only in one direction, from your computer to your mobile Android. The other direction, from your Android to your computer is. Let’s talk about two solutions and start with the first.

Chrome to Phone, solution to send links of the Chrome browser from your computer to your mobile Android Chrome browser

Since Google It has not given support to be able to synchronize favorites or other resources from Google Chrome with the browser Android Chrome, a way to solve part of the problem came up. The solution is to send to the phone by our network of data (either by Wifi or service contracted with our mobile operator) the links of the type that would be to find surfing the web, that if, with Google Chrome.

To do this, you must install the extension Chrome to Phone in your Google Chrome)1) and also the application Chrome to Phone in your Android Chrome, either by sending it from the website of Android Market or directly from your mobile)2). Both the extension and the application they are free of charge, as it could not be otherwise coming from the hand of Google.

Once both are installed, the way to send these links is done through a your own Google account, usually your account from Gmail.

  • We activate the extension of our Google Chrome on your computer.
  • We access our Google account, to confirm this service, or to choose between accounts that we have with which we will use.
  • On our phone, we enter the application and also chose that Google account will use. Obvious that it has to be the same that you have chosen on your computer.
  • If you have already done everything right you can begin to use this service.

So simple and productive is the solution, I can say that it has saved me from more than one Brown on many occasions (and which I will continue to be saved). It is very fast and never fails, ideal for sending you a location of Google Maps to your phone, or whatever, although the location of Google Maps is actually which I use more and more practical function for this application.

Finally, in the application Chrome to Phone your mobile can configure it so that, once reached the link, opens automatically as soon as receive it or you leave checked notification waiting for you to open it.

The following video by Google explains the operation of the entire process, although it is in English, but if you have not convinced sure that video you change your mind.

As a final note of this first part, clarified that there are more alternatives to solve this problem of sharing links. Each of us have found one solution or another application. This one here is the one that I most use, by the simple and clean which is, that integrates perfectly with my computer and my phone Android system. Each one to decide which method already used, but we would like that you tell it in the comments.

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