Chrome May Have Integration with Google Now

Designed to rival Siri, the Google Now displays a unified way certain information about any search terms via voice on Android. And this wizard is not available on any other system than Android itself. In the future, however, Google can bring it to the desktop using Chrome.

Who made the discovery was a Google+ user Fran├žois Beaufort who noticed an interesting addition in the Chromium project, which gives rise to Chrome. The entry created for at least two weeks, calls for the creation of a basis for implementing Google Now in the browser. The display of the cards should work together with the notifications of Chrome, the same showing, for example, new messages from Gmail.

Nice to see that Google is exploring new options bringing features of mobile platforms for desktop world. But I can not help but look with some suspicion: after all, because the company would invest in showing items searched on Google Now and the results pages show ads and – so – should be more profitable?

If the plan really goes ahead, it will be interesting to see how Google plans to make the idea something financially viable, even if it is an optional item search.