Christmas Gifts for Parents

Christmas is approaching and would like to make a special gift to mom and dad? Peek our 9 lovely ideas and prove to your parents how important they are for you! There is something for every budget!

The glittering balls, the scent of succulent dishes, the wrapped gifts under the tree, the fireplace and heat floods the house, then I do not know that magic that reigns in the streets… it is going to you a huge need to Christmas?

Fortunately not missing much: it’s time to start thinking about gifts to give to people we love, especially to two important people who are often a little mistreat or neglect during the year, but that they would do anything for us: Mom and Dad! Because no matter how we grew up, we always remain their sweet princesses! So why not treat them as king and queen sometimes?

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to remind our parents how important they are for us! How about amaze them with personalized Christmas gifts discussed on and original, which make them feel all the love that you feel but often do not know how to prove?

Here are 9 ideas to give to Mom and Dad something special super!

1. A Tenero Photo Calendar

Prove to Mom and Dad affection only at Christmas there seems a bit little? We will show you all year, giving them a personalized calendar with our pictures together, perhaps the most funny and original that represent authentic moments of real family life! In my room I have a picture of my mom and my sister (done treacherously) while they sleep in Latvian absurd positions. Every time I see are smiles and laughter that start! On our site can create your calendar from € 7.99!

2. A Christmas Gift to Start Every Morning of the Year Yogether (or Maybe Good Night)!

Your parents love to wake up and have breakfast together even after so many years? Or drink with herbal tea before going to sleep? For Christmas give away your parents a smile when you wake up or before you go to bed: with cups coupled to stuff women devoted to Mom and Dad! An economic Christmas present (€ 16.90 each), they will use throughout the year thinking about us!

You can choose among the 32 cups of stuff collection to women the two most represent them!

Now to Christmas gifts made of… experiences!

3. Two Tickets for Cabaret

How about to give for Christmas to mom and dad tickets to a show, maybe their favorite comedian! The saying for years that they would like to go there but they can not ever! The Christmas holidays are the perfect opportunity for an evening of fun. Wrong gift here is practically impossible to Ale & Franz in Maurizio Battista, the comedians of the season are really hilarious! Even the price is more than excellent. You have chosen as a Christmas gift ticket for a cabaret show? The cost ranges between 14 and 30 €.

4. Parents Health Conscious? For Them the Juice Extractor!

Even your parents are keen to eat healthily? An idea for Christmas gift suited to both then it could be the’ puller Ram juice at the price of 140 €! Appliance trends of the last period, you will make a useful gift and healthy helping bombardarsi of vitamins! And then how good the juice yourself?

5. A Tasty Trip

Even your parents never fail to indulge in a trip they are absorbed by the daily struggle for survival? We give them a nudge giving for Christmas one SmartBox original as it is dedicated to the stays and Flavors of Italy : you will discover Italian art cities or beautiful natural villages and you will taste delicious typical dishes of our area. Mom and Dad stand us all year: they deserve it! SmartBox which costs € 139.90.

Better return on cheap Christmas gifts? Here the original proposals.

6. Challenge the Last Cooker

How they perform your parents in the kitchen? I bet your mom is the bomb; Dad by, if Cavicchia, but does not apply enough. Why not help them become two MasterChef with Christmas pardon? The book “Christmas with Gordon” (20 €) could be the right Christmas gift for dad: woe to not follow the instructions of the great chef Ramsay! For the perfect Christmas gift for mom instead what do you think of latest book by Benedetta Parodi, “Family Recipes” (€ 16.92)?

7. A Pinch of Romance Star

One early idea for a couple of romantic parents but with too little time to go look at the stars at night. You will like this star projector? You can find it on our site to € 29.95. In our mom and dad will find a truly original Christmas gift and will look forward to recreate that magical night atmosphere that made them fall in love. And at Christmas basically do not even celebrate the love that creates a family?

8. Necktie or Necklace?

The mother a necklace, dad a tie. Two discounted Christmas gifts? Not if the necklace is made with a tie and a tie if it is made of warm wool! Two gifts you can do yourself if you are skilled “handmader” (the web is full of tutorials ) or that you find in many of Christmas hobby markets. Of course that could almost… Daddy can I borrow a tie (which I do a necklace)?

9. The Good Old Days in a Photo Book

How nice to browse photos of beautiful moments spent together! Even more exciting is browse through the family photos assembled together as a novel, with personal thoughts gently scattered here and there. This surprise for Christmas will love your parents, and even to you! At our site, you can invent your own photo book from € 19.48. He already runs a tear!