Choosing Perfect Sunglasses

Sunglasses are no longer a protective accessory only to become a fashion accessory. With them, you protect your eyes from ultra-violet rays and is still chic and modern. But just as eyeglasses, be careful to choose the right model for your face type, so that it encourages you, and not vice versa.

There are many models available in the market, but unfortunately you can not use all if you know how to choose glasses that suit your face, the production will be harmonious, the glasses will draw attention and give up on your look!

We will learn how to choose the perfect sunglasses for you? Learn more on this blog.

1 – Oval Face

Who has that kind of face is very lucky, because it is well with almost all kinds of frame, especially oval or round shape! Abuse of the latest trends for sunglasses, you look good with almost all the same.

2 – Face the Square

Who has the kind of face where the cheeks and forehead are wider and broader than the jaw, you should bet on rectangular models to smooth fine lines. This type of frame gives amplitude and draws attention to the lower part of his face. Prefer lightweight frames and applications without the stems.

3 – Round Face

Who has the chin to forehead rounded, of similar widths, can invest in models of square or rectangular shape. To give more volume to the area occupied by the eyes, bet on models with thick stems and lighter frames.

4 – Triangular Face

Who has the tapered chin against the face of the rest should bet on models with the rounded bottom, type the Rayban Aviator, which has narrow frame but leaves the stems in evidence.

Other Tips:

. The frame should be comfortable and the stems can not hit the face;

. The glasses can not move when you smile;

. If you have thick eyebrows, glasses should delineate them inside, in order to make them softer;

. Already thin and straight eyebrows should follow the glasses, which have slightly darker frames can enhance them;

. Still speaking of the eyebrows, they must follow the format of the frame and the glasses do not overtake them;

. The glasses should not rely on the cheekbones;

. On the nose, the glasses should fit so as not to squeeze it or leave marks;

. Bet on contrasts, with your skin and hair. Who is smooth and with little volume hair, you can bet on models with rods with applications. Who has the very voluminous hair, you can bet in the simplest models with thinner stems.