Chilli Beans Launches Exclusive Collection for Rock in Rio

Chilli Beans will be present in another edition of Rock In Rio. Once again, the mark will have a store within the city where Rock will be marketed their products. With that in mind, the design team developed an exclusive line of pepper to the event.

One of the inspirations, musical instruments and details of stereos and plugs give touch to the collection. There are models that allude to the Sunset and the famous Tyrolean stage of LAUGHING.

The highlights are for the play whose stems are prepared with equalizer that moves according to the movement of the glasses, made with lenticular films. Also new are the models block with lenses in material injected into the thickness of a stalk, becoming a single structure.

Each fashion sunglasses was thought to the audience of the event can enjoy every moment with comfort and style.

About Chilli Beans

Chilli Beans started its activities at the end of the ‘ 90, under the command of rest the OffiRiver Caito Maia. Twenty years later, is consolidated as the largest network specializing in shades of Latin America. The company has more than 800 outlets, including Brazil, Portugal, United States, Colombia, Kuwait, Peru, Mexico and Thailand. In multi-brand optical is present in more than 1,000 points of sale, which occurred in a year expansion project, only selling eyeglasses.

Having the fast fashion as a business platform, with 10 releases new models every week, Chilli Beans pioneered the concept of optic self service, which allows the client to handle and try the products, and also the first mark of the segment inaugurate a customization that allows the customer to manufacture their own glasses. In 2016, Chilli Beans became a case study for students of Harvard Business School and currently, Caito Maia, CEO of the brand, is the new investor of the Shark Tank Brazil, in this second season.