Children’s Room Decor with Garland of Toys

How about create a stylish décor for your kid’s room through toys? That’s the idea we brought in this post. An easy way to let the atmosphere of the environment more fun and colorful. See the tutorial we’re going to introduce you below and if you like, think of how you can make the suggestion in your home.

The artisan used those plastic dinosaurs well cheap and easily found in craft stores. But remember that creativity is for your account, use the kind of toy that you prefer. With common sense, you can choose items alike and that can turn a cool wreath too. Let’s go to the step by step!


-Toys old
-Paint-spray with different colors
-Drill or screwdriver (optional)

Step by step

The first step is to paint the toys chosen with the paint-spray. The ideal is to have three colors of paint-spray, at least. Isolate the area with newspaper and go spraying the paint-spray at a distance of about 15 cm. Do this with all the bugs and wait to dry for a few hours.

After that their toys are painted and dry in stylish décor, it’s time to put the brackets to suspend them in Garland. For this you can use a drill with a thin drill to make a hole and be able to insert the grommets. If you do not have a drill, you can use a preguinho and hammer or the tip of a pair of scissors to make this initial hole. Then just press the eyelets firmly, turning and inserting in the hole made. If the object is of plastic, wood or rubber, it won’t be difficult to enter that way. It will only be a little more work.

Finally it’s just pass the string for all toys and painted with the grommets inserted. You already have your decorating wreath for children’s rooms.Pretty cool, huh? I hope you had tied on the idea.Good luck on making and until the next tip!