Child Pirates Fotomural

Today we want to devote a whole entry to the new fotomural of pirates we have integrated into our photo wall murals and children’s vinyl catalog. It’s an impressive fotomural of a naval battle in which three boats (do you think that they are pirates?) fight for control of the seven seas.

A snowstorm ravaging the scene and the raging sea sways wildly ships, struggling to keep afloat in such breathtaking scene. Sure that your children do not describe well this fotomural pirate, but in a much more expressive manner: a “guaaaau” or simply did not articulate Word, will be the most anticipated reaction.

In TeleAdhesivo we have many vinyl records and photo wall murals of pirate theme, but this perhaps most like to somewhat older, around age 10 children. Immerse yourself in epic battles near the cursed island or search for the treasure chest sailing from coast to coast is the fantasy of many of them. Moreover, it was also for many of us, playing with the mythical pirate Playmobil ship (even that of the photo, the genuine one!) or humming the song from the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, with which we dreamed since we saw it in the first Club Disney programs.

For practical purposes, for you, moms and dads, you are interested in several aspects:

The placement of a large child fotomural

Well, this issue is solved very quickly watching the following video. In the you see at one or a very few hours (depending on your previous experience), you are going to have this fotomural placed in the room for your child. Served in strips, for which you only have to overlap each of the images, on the other hand you will be simply gonyalons while you ride it.

Look at this example of fotomural placed by a customer:

The price of a child size large fotomural

At TeleAdhesivo we work with materials and first quality processes. We are not satisfied with serving a good material, but they serve the best. Thus, the result of this pirates fotomural obvious and results are truly durable. A fotomural of this type will be quietly witness the passage from childhood to adulthood for your child. The price of our photo wall murals is really tight with all this in mind and also at many times of the year, you will find applicable additional discounts that can reduce it more if possible.

Care and duration of a child size large fotomural

As mentioned, this type of photo wall murals are exceptional duration and have the TeleAdhesivo 2 year warranty. They can be cleaned with a soft sponge and warm water to remove some brands or rods of the passage of time.

And if even not you have decided, we leave a super selection of pirate-themed children’s vinyl at so you have more choice. To approach!