Check out Our Guide and Pump Your Looks

Winter’s in there and the temperature’s dropping! Count on this key piece to keep warm and superstylish at the same time

We set up a guide with inspirational looks and purchase options to help you invest in a piece that can make your look very special: the jacket! We have three models – jeans, bomber and leather – which are wildcards and combine with various styles.

Jeans Jacket: In addition to trousers and shorts, the jacket in jeans is also a key piece to have in the closet. It is neutral and it looks cool both with smooth clothes, like T-shirts, as with varied prints. Oh, it’s worth betting on jeans with jeans too. This mix is high!

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1-Topshop (R $289); 2-Vale (R $399); 3-haha (R $159.99); 4-Memove (R $149.90); 5-Marisa (R $99.95); 6-Oh, Boy! (R $338) *.

Bomber: With elastic bands in the sleeves, they are more bulky. So use them with more tickets parts, such as Croppeds and Skinnys. If you want to combine with could be hustle dress, opt for mini lengths, to concentrate the volume on the top according to CYCLINGENTHUSIASM.COM.

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1-Adidas (R $239.90); 2-Riachuelo (R $119.90); 3-Renner (R $159); 4-Olympikus (R $99.90); 5-haha (R $149.90); 6-Marisa (R $159.99) *.

Leather jacket: It’s the kind of piece worth the investment! Several models are classics, such as Perfecto–this short and full of zippers. If you like lighter colours and enjoy the Visu girlie, go on colorful models, white or pastel shade.

Choose yours!

1-Topshop (R $369); 2-Renner (R $179); 3-C&A (R $199); 4-Riachuelo (R $139.90); 5-Youcom (R $199.90); 6-Zara (R $239) *.

What’s your favourite model?

* Prices consulted in July 2015