Cheapest Headphones for Sleeping: Took Sportec Band (€20)

This pair is very cheap and can be used both as headphones for sleep and do some sport (to some extent, of course). So we can say that only about 20 euros you have a couple of helmets for two applications in the same product. They are made of a very comfortable material that makes you sleep peacefully unless they bother you. However, if you sleep side this time you might want to adjust them a little to find the best position, but it will depend on how soft is your pillow as well as the design of the headphones.

Best price found: €19
In the same way that the previous make your ears keep warm in cold times, especially if you use them to run out. However be careful if it is hot, which like the SleepPhones could pose a problem if your room has very high temperatures.

The main advantage is that you considering the price that have (less than €20) the sound quality is considerably good according to the standards of this price. They block most of sound without any problem, even some snoring coming and traffic if they are not very strong. If you use them to listen to music room or relaxation you will hear the range of sound in the song. So they are comfortable and have good quality, in addition to be able to choose the type of tissue so that they do not overheat (