Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Exchanging Christmas gifts near: the heart is filled with joy and howls portfolio of pain! What to do? Here are 9 ideas to make Christmas gifts super cute without spending too much!

Girls, Christmas approaching! How exciting start to see homes to dress in bright colors and spicy scents that charm stroll through the city illuminated with festive Christmas lights! And then the joy you feel when exchanging gifts … really good for the soul! The only one to suffer in this period is only one: the wallet !

Oh yes, because while all we do plunder of delights and put on some weight, our portfolio as the Christmas is approaching … slimming ! How to do? We give up the sweet exchange of gifts?

Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas for Coworkers

But no, just a plan B: take a look at these  9 great designs low cost to make really nice Christmas gifts and, in addition to the Christmas tree, as well your account will stay green!

1. Lights Relax Bathroom

The sky is dark, the temperature is rigid, commitments increase, the races are multiplying … friends, what is tiring winter! It would take just a nice bath to remove the plug and stay a moment in the warmth! And if the bathroom became also a magic moment of relaxing color therapy? Give (or treat yourself) a multi-color LED lamp Waterproof  to ignite in the hot water during your relaxing moments: an idea for a Christmas gift  at only € 9.95 on, original, unisex and super nice!

2. Sparkling Eyes Trousse

A ‘ gift idea for Christmas simple but always very appreciated by her friends is a cosmetic bag of tricks ! Without spending a fortune (because we need to fake it) why not give a kit of eye shadows of Kiko with the colors of winter trend? The cosmetic bag Color Fever Eyeshadow Kiko , the metallic effects, costs only 12 € 90 . We bet that you like to shine the eyes at Christmas!

3. Simpatici Infusors for The Herbal teas and

Giving a Christmas present low cost to a person fond of tea? Stupitela with these original infusers of Brandani in the shape of colorful flowers ! On Amazon  you find them starting from 4 € in so many fantasies, one funnier than the other. Even you feel inclined to boil the water right away?

4. Kernels cushion against Pains

A Christmas present low cost suitable for young at heart but a little ‘out of old: a cherry pits pillow warms the bones, the back or gives a relaxing sensation of warmth during the cold winter nights. They are heated in the oven and produce beneficial effects against joint pain, cervical, the stiff neck, abdominal pain, chilblains and stress. You find them in the Christmas markets, or on Amazon , at a price between 9 and 19 € , of all colors and shapes!

5. Perfumed Shower Mousse

Another  low cost Christmas gift of relaxation! Besides, what better time to give the body the right nourishment for winter so bright? We opt for the essence of “blue gold”! What? Take a look and combined products to give de L’Occitane en Provence .  Wow what a scent!

6. A Book Suitable Fireplace

No, we do not look for firewood but a beautiful book gift or treat yourself for chilly evenings in which we seek the perfect companion to relax in front of the crackling fireplace. How about a book just came out, very original and written by one than with words and emotions know we do? We are talking about “A wedding, a funeral, not to mention the cat” the singer-writer Francesco Guccini . AChristmas present low cost (€ 12.95)  which does not compromise on quality and amaze your recipient!

7. Make breakfast with stuff Donna and her witty Mug

A cup can be fun? Perhaps a normal no, but those of stuff Women are not at all common! And what better way to give a smile to people as soon as they wake up? Coffee, biscuits and a laugh: the day starts with the right ingredients to start with something extra! Discover all the cups of stuff Women and choose the most fun for the Christmas presents low cost and super nice (€ 16.90) !

8.Collana Chic Gold Effect

Elegant and fashionable, affordable, super chic effect, many variations! A necklace never goes unnoticed and we have chosen one of the rosy stone of H & M , just € 9.90 . Perfect mesh over mustard-colored, white, black, pink, red. In short, whatever you want to pair it is also trendy over a tunic of jute!

9.Tenera Frame Custom

What’s more low cost to create with their own hands an imaginative job to give away at Christmas to friends and relatives? At Christmas you can really indulge: from centerpieces with flowers and glitter balls , with candles in decorated jars , from knitted chores to jewelry decorated by decoupage. Here are some ideas for decorations and Christmas gifts DIY . We propose, for their simplicity, to create colored trim package door-picture glueing on colorful buttons, glitter, cut fabrics, coffee beans! I like this idea simple but charming?

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