Cheap Boho Beach Dress

Are you ready for a ‘hippie chic summer? This will, in fact, the most common mood and decline in all different kinds of outfits, including of course the most classic and most purely summer: the beach look!

Cheap Boho Beach Dress

Get ready for a boho-chic clothing in the sun features colorful micro-patterns, lace , fringes, hats, round glasses 80 years, gladiator sandals and handbags suede because this will be the “mood” more fashionable to show off from now until September.

Dresses and Suits

Hippie chic style talking it definitely easier to wear, buy and match are the long dresses SummerDressesstore. Choose them very light, very colorful, with a blue or white base, but turned shades of red, yellow, blue, brown, mustard and purple.
Match them with flat sandals, even better if the slave, slippers, shoulder bags in leather or suede, backpacks vintage, wreaths in their hair and lots of colored bracelets.

However, if you dare opt for the suits in addition to traditional clothing. Choose them long to the foot, but spacious, comfortable and maybe low-cut on the back (also perfect for the evening), or choose it very short and very cheeky: the ideal garment to wear with a pair of flat sandals for a beach party.


The real protagonists of summer will be, however, k Imono and caftans, two accessories in the inevitable summer wardrobe the perfect fashion victim. It is lightweight shawls to wear on the beach and to use instead of the pareo to be much, much more chic!
Most Popular are certainly those in lacy white san gallo or black with applied fringes, but you can also opt for caftans fantasy colored, even better if flowered.
the variations are many: long, short, more opaque, less opaque, a vest, a scarf … I advise you to try more than one, so choose the one that suits you and your style.

Finally, to reuse your caftan also preferred outside of the beach I recommend to try it combined with a dress stretch, in a light jumpsuit and adherent or a bodysuit with shorts, but always working whether dyed heads together and preferably white or blacks in so as not to burden the final look.