Ces 2015: Overview Of Notebooks&Pcs

Today the last day of the Consumer Electronics Show takes place. Time to get an overview of the innovations of the electronics industry. In the smartphone area remained the big bang out-neither Sony surprised us with the expected Xperia Z4, nor have other manufacturers presented smartphone flagships.

Here eTaizhou will show you some exciting notebook and PC developments:

Notebooks & Convertibles: Gaming With Msi, Yoga With Lenovo & Clear View With Dell

Msi Gt80 Titanium

Many gamers know how to appreciate a mechanical keyboard-unfortunately thesenotebooks have not been comfortable  . Until now. With the GT80 ​​Titan, MSI introduced thefirst gaming notebook with a mechanical keyboard according to the manufacturer. Inside, two GeForce GTX-980M graphics cards bring the most graphics-hungry game to work. The GT80 ​​Titan weighs  18 inches and weighs 4.5 kilograms on the scales. You can already pre-order the notebook for 2.699 € in the Cyberport webshop .

Lenovo YOGA 3 With 11 & 14 Inches

It’s easier with Lenovo. The YOGA 3 is not designed for gaming, but the 14-inch model brings a Core i7 CPU, the fifth generation of Intel reveals itself as a workhorse. The 11.6-inch variant has Intel’s Core-M processor and weighs a small 1.2 kilograms. Both models are YOGA series-usual which occupy different working modes.

Dell XPS 13

Dell has upgraded its XPS-13 notebook , which at first sight is clear by narrow dimensions.The 13-inch displays bring a frame of only 5 millimeters. Also the case is  unusually slim for a notebook of this size with a thickness of a maximum of 15 millimeters and a weight of 1.2 kilograms. Inside, an Intel Broadwell processor provides power and an SSD for fast memory access.

Pcs: Hp & Intel Rely On Small Dimensions

Small&powerful: HP Pavilion Desktop Mini (Source: HP)

Pavilion Mini Desktop

In addition to the notebooks, the PCs are becoming ever narrower. This fact has proven among other things HP with the Pavillion Mini Desktop . This is 14.4 times 14.4 by 5.6 inches small and thus makes Apple’s Mac Mini competition. Inside clocks, depending on the model on the one hand, Intel’s Pentium 3558U processor or Core i3 CPU with 4 gigabytes of memory. For your data, 500 gigabytes or 1 terabyte of memory is available. Windows 8.1 breathes life into the mini-PC for home applications. In addition to a card reader, HDMI ports are also available on board, which support up to two displays.

Intel Compute Stick

Intel toppt the dimensions of the Pavillion Mini once again and present with the Compute Stick a PC in the USB stick format. It has everything that a PC needs and makes your TV device turn smart. How this works you in the video under this paragraph. It has an Intel Atom Z3735F processor, 2 gigabytes of memory, and 32 gigabytes of flash memory, which can be extended via a microSD slot. Connectivity is provided by WLAN, Bluetooth 4.0 and USB 3.0. Depending on your requirements you can get the Compute Stick with Windows 8.1 or a Linux version.

You see, in the field of  notebooks  and  PCs, CES 2015 has done quite a bit. Especially with the GT80 ​​Titanium  and the integrated mechanical keyboard, MSI has achieved  an all-important feature.

The same applies to Intel. The Compute Stick is definitely groundbreaking and shows clearly how little space today’s hardware takes. Definitely an exciting product and a good outlook, where the PC market could develop in the future.