Cell Phone Case

Nowadays, the smartphone is an essential device in everyday life. Beyond making connections, it serves to make us connect with other people, read important e-mails from work, and other tasks. So it is important to keep it protected.We will help you choose the best mobile covers according to various characteristics such as material and format. The exact model will depend on the type of mobile device, since the case is manufactured to fit perfectly. There is a suitable format for each brand of appliance.

Best Mobile Covers

The bumper cover protects only the sides of the phone. It is similar to a picture frame. The bumper rubber cushions impact in the corner area. Its disadvantage is that it leaves the back of the device vulnerable, but offers the benefit of being lighter. The flip model is similar to a wallet. It involves the smartphone and can be opened or closed with the help of a button. The piece protects the device from scratches, but leaves the area exactly that the bumper brings more safety: the sides. Silicone covers are often used because they cover the edges and back of the phone, leaving only the display free.Silicone has the advantage of being easy to wash and low cost according to PHONECATIONS.

And The Plastic Covers?

The plastic covers are very similar to the silicone models, with difference only in the material, which can be thermoplastic polymer or TPU. This type of case is very sturdy and lasts longer, but can leave the device looking “brick”.