• Flip Flops for Summer

    Toe sandals and flip flops are nowadays an integral part. At the very least, the idea

  • Dandy Style Shoes

    Originated in the early nineteenth century, the Dandy-Lookhas continued into modern times. Literally translated, Dandy is”the Laffe” or

  • How to Wear Moccasins Shoes

    They are super casual, comfortable and always true to your feet-moccasins, the number one shoe when it comes

  • Fashion Over Knee Boots

    Among the fashion trends of winter 2016 does not go unnoticed and audacious style gritty overknee boots:

  • Sneakers for Autumn 2015

    Looking for fashion ideas for fall? Sneakers for autumn 2015, trendy patterns and combinations of cold weather

  • Beautiful Summer Dress

    The dress of summer 2015 is “beautiful field”! Very short, midi, or so very long, she

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