Cat Pencil Holder

We continue in the same vein of back to school, in many Latin American countries the start of classes is given at the beginning of the month of March, in other countries is different, the school year begins in September to end the month of July of the next year, that to some look like something strange that at this time we are working on is why this type of decorations. Do I hope that it is where you find these crafts that I do with love, they serve to decorate your classroom or why not? to initiate a close business and have some extra money in our pockets.
On this occasion I bring a cute window which has a nice gatica which is responsible for storing and protecting the pencils, pens or markers that help you in your daily tasks, so get to work, gather materials and develop together this cute project.

List of materials:

Microporous colors white, pink, lime green, Fuchsia

Microporous frosty Fuchsia, purple and lime green

White beads or beads

20 cm of tape with lace

20 cm tape gross

10 cm of marabou

a mini-can of the size you want

a pink button

Acrylic paints


1 cut a piece in carton as shown in the picture below and according to the mould of the project, you can use the cardboard from cereal boxes or any other that you can recycle.

  1. next cut a piece of open-cell of the same size of the carton, in this case I chose microporous rosa.
  2. using the technique of dry brush and Fuchsia acrylic paint shade edge rosa piece.
  3. with the brush after we make dots black in the distance as shown in the figure below
  4. with a brush lainner triple 000 do curves-hatched as the picture below, this will give the impression of a seam around the microporous.
  5. then we stick micro porous on the cardboard base, this will serve to mount the portalapicero.

6 for he mini-can it, we will need a container can be evaporated milk or in my case a jam container, well clean and dry. Let’s this container lined with lime green microproroso and are going to stick with cold silicone.

7 in at the top end of the microporous let’s stick a tape gross which is the same as make bows for girls, your can choose the color of your choice.

  1. using a punch of flowers cut several microporous frosted lilac.
  2. these little flowers are them going to work and going to paste in the Center a Pearl or white count.
  3. at the bottom of the microporous let’s stick a strip of microporous frosty green lemon, imitating grass.
  4. Finally stick all the microporous around mini-can it with cool silicone.
  5. to decorate my mini-can also use some plastic ladybugs as imitating a garden.
  6. to assemble the CAT are going to cut the pieces on microporous colour white as shown in the pattern, see picture below as you shade with lilac acrylic paint parts.
  7. for the ears I made white dots on pink base.

15 seen in the image below that parts are double as the body of the cat, this is that then we will fill them with napa or doll stuffing.

16, to glue the pieces if we use crazy glue or paste triss, if you do it with hot silicone is going to take off when you begin to fill in the pieces.

  1. for eyes, I use a brush lineer 000 and acrylic paints, if you done difficult you can use eyes type sticker or black beads.
  2. then stick the nose and the spots missing in microporous frosty Fuchsia.
  3. before gluing the two parts that make up the body see picture below and look as I’ve pasted the ears and the tail at the base below this is that at the time of close it the same are inside.
  4. now if we proceed to fill the body of the cat, not fill it much could cause open somewhere.

21 so left our cat, the arms and the legs of her also carry the same process.

  1. this list, watch as you become acolchadita.

23 then we stick arms and legs as shown in the picture below.

  1. Finally we cut part of the rat in microporous Fuchsia, and make you their details.

25 looks that cute stand our project, with marabou did some bangs to the cat, and the rat and this last hit a plastic lens, similarly to the cat hit in his neck embroidered tape lilac and a button, are details that may vary according to your taste.

I hope that this project, share it with your friends and that you have subscribed to my blog liked, this I do it only with the interest to collaborate with you in your projects and you can start your own business… Miss Virginia says goodbye with love.