Carnival Costumes for Toddlers

Whether it’s now carnival or carnival called, the fifth season is coming ! Between Rio and Venice, Cologne and New Orleans, preparations of fools are in full swing. And in all probability are also discussed with you some time ago invitations to various public land, especially for your kids.Whether for a party with the nursery or playgroup, school class or sports team whether for a trip to one of the big parades, there will probably be at least one occasion for your little ones to dress up this spring.

Some of you may already have developed battle plans for the most ingenious costume weeks with your children some of you may like sit back and relax, because your offspring insists on wearing the costume of the year again, most of you, however, are these days pretty stressed out looking for a nice costume for your kids with her ​​and the young carrier are satisfied. Since this can be quite nerve racking at times-and can go especially pretty in the wallet with all the trappings-we have the top 5 of costume classics for kids under 25 euros researched for you. With whom may your child not win the grand prize for creativity, but it is one should be one that your child likes. Who would ultimately not be ever want princess or pirate, Indian or superhero?

  1. Indian Costume

We find this costume is pretty cool for young ladies. Of course, it is a classic among the carnival outfits, but actually for boys. High time, the monopoly times to crack. Also: Winnetou sister Nscho-chi is just as cool as the title character and Pocahontas is always much more brilliant than Kokoum. With the right wig, a little makeup and a pretty spring the Indians costume also can ideally aufpimpen. The squaw there for 19,99 € in baby butt.

  1. Clown

Clown costumes are underrated classic! There is simply no outfit that is so colorful and herausstechend as the Manege hero. And like us Hollywood has repeatedly demonstrated, also each a funny jester must not be small, but always has the potential to become a villain. The os costumes we have for € 22.39 at Amazon found.

  1. Princess

Ok, ok, of course, we also have a princess dress for you in the Petto. It may be at first glance a little basic, but together with the diadem you land it also in Amazon just at about 25 euros. Moreover, it is in our opinion definitely enough glitter and pink.

  1. Pirate

Need this costume for 24,99 € a comment? Probably not. An absolute classic, which you can customize with a few own ideas.

  1. Superhero

Granted, a ninja is not a real superhero. But dangerous, cool and superheldig enough. In addition, the sixth Superman running your little with the Ninja costume for 24,99 € not risk to be in the room.For that is the problem with the right Superheroes: While there may be 100 princesses, there is every superhero definitely only once! And your son to a costume party but should not really have to fight for his superhero status.