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Item that transforms any environment, when applied, the wallpaper provides beauty and a new look to walls before”bland.” Possessing a great variety of prints, textures, materials and colors, the wallpaper pleases the most varied tastes.

As architect Isabelle Lattaro describes it, simply apply a daring role in any environment that instantaneously creates a new, much more stimulating atmosphere.”In environments of less intense use, such as lavatories, we can abuse the daring by coating all the walls, using colors and prints without fear. The wallpaper is capable of revolutionizing space,”he notes.

“The choice by more neutral standards guarantees sophistication and elegance to the environment, they also bring warmth through its subtle effect. If you choose a paper with stronger tones, its contrast with the footer ennobles the walls leaving the place much more elegant,”he adds.

Due to the wide variety of online stores that offer wallpapers of all kinds and values, transforming your environment has become something practical and easy to achieve. Check out the stores that offer this service and make it easy for your home decor:

1. Role in the Wall

Shop located in are Paulo since 2003 provides variety in wall stickers, wall stickers and simple wall stickers. Delivery for all Brazil. Get to know more.

2. Paper and Wall

Company started in 2007 with production of party supplies, launched the online sales portal in 2011, using vinyl adhesive as the main resource. Producing about 3,000 meters of wallpaper per day, it is considered the largest wallpaper company in Brazil. Delivery throughout the country. Get to know more.

3. Leroy Merlin

French network, was expanded to Brazil in 1998, bringing innovations in the construction materials market. It has a wide variety of resources to build and renovate. It also has 37 physical stores distributed throughout the country. Delivery throughout the national territory. Get to know more.

4. Mobly

Online store founded in 2011, it has specialized articles for home, decoration and furniture. The possibilities of decoration range from bed, table, bath, garden and leisure, reform and domestic utilities. Delivery throughout the country. Get to know more.

5. Tok & Stok

Shop founded in 1978 by two newcomers to the country, it is present in several states of Brazil, in addition to owning its online store. Provides unique products with differentiated design. Delivery throughout the national territory. Get to know more.


Founded in 2004, it has its headquarters in Are Paulo and 14 other stores distributed throughout the country. Offers articles for home and office, seeks to delight the customer with design solutions within reach of everyone. Delivery throughout the country. Get to know more.

7. Oppa

Company based in Are Paulo, describes itself as creative and focused on innovation, functionality in positive impact for its products. It supports new talents and seeks to be a differential in terms of design and decoration. Delivery throughout the country. Get to know more.

8. Kola

Founded in 2010, the company’s main objective and differential bring the”art” into its environment. And for this, it offers exclusive products, signed by artists. Delivery throughout the country. Get to know more.

9. Dona Cherry

Born in 2007, it was founded by two sisters who are passionate about art and design. The exclusive designs are produced by the founders, leaving the environments even more personalized. Delivery throughout the country. Get to know more.

10. Paper Decor

The store with production center in Campo Grande seeks to make your home beautiful and welcoming through creativity in the development of self-adhesive wallpapers. Delivery throughout the country. Get to know more.

11. On the Wall

For more than 15 years in the market, it inaugurated in June of 2015 the virtual shop specializing in self-adhesive wallpapers. It has the most modern printing equipment and a trained and specialized team to meet and solve any type of situation. Delivery throughout the country. Get to know more.

12. Decoratons

Company of the Peteca Digital group, consolidated since 1977 in the visual communication market, it is a benchmark in the entire northwest region of Are Paulo in medium and large format digital printing services. Delivery throughout the country. Get to know more.

13. More Wall Paper

Company of the group Jet Group, founded in 1996. Working for 2 years in the field of visual communication from small to large format, it sees the high demand of clients for services of personalization of wallpaper in environments, arising the idea of ​​producing impressions Of quality, practicality and easy access for all. Delivery throughout the country. Get to know more.

In front of the different types of roles available, it is worth discovering your style, choosing which fits with taste and pocket and start to change the look of your home!

Caring for online wallpaper

The architect Isabelle stresses some care when acquiring wallpapers online, ensuring that there is no deception or regret the choice. Check out his tips:

  1. “Not always the color of the site is true to the color of reality, and can generate great frustration for the online shopper,” he warns.
  2. “Be very careful with the lots, because different batches often change the tone of the paper, in the online purchase we can not guarantee the delivery of rolls from the same lot,” he explains.
  3. “It is not enough to choose the color or the print, the texture is essential in the choice of paper, including making it impossible to install the same in places. Look at this factor because, over the internet, you can not feel it and it makes all the difference in the effect generated from the paper when installed,”he details.
  4. “It is important to assess whether paper can be used in that particular environment, since some are suitable for areas with moisture exposure, while others are not,” he points out.
  5. “I suggest you go to a store in person and look for a model that you like, you can feel the texture and check the color. After choosing the template, you can search for it and get it on the internet,”he says.

Types of wallpaper

In the market there is a wide variety of wallpapers available, both with regard to the types of materials made as to the suitability to the environments and the amount to be invested. Check out the most common types and the necessary care:

  • Traditional:produced in cellulose, has a smooth appearance, without relief. To be applied to the wall, you need glue. It should be wiped clean with a damp cloth.
  • Vinyl:coated with a layer of vinyl, which guarantees a plastic texture to the material. Can be cleaned with neutral detergent using a brush or brush
  • Fabric:the fabric can be made from the most varied materials, such as synthetic leather, cotton or cheetah; Can be applied without the need of special materials, since they come with adhesive. For cleaning, it is recommended to use a damp cloth.
  • Adhesive:The adhesive wallpaper is practical and easy to apply. Simply detach it from the base and apply it to the desired surface. For cleaning, a damp cloth with enough water.
  • Vinylized:it has no coating on the paper, ensuring a smoother texture. Its durability can vary from 5 to 7 years, and its cleaning must be carried out with a wet cloth and neutral product.
  • TNT:Meaning of”non-woven fabric” means wallpapers imported from European countries. The material has the benefit of being removed from the wall and reinstalled in a new location. It should be wiped clean with a damp cloth.
  • Mica:wallpaper that has real micas stones pressed to its surface. For this reason, it can not be wet and should only be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or mop.

How to install wallpaper

Today more accessible, some wallpapers can be installed in a homemade way, without the need for professional manpower. Some models are already adhesive, making this process even easier. The professional has taught you the step-by-step how to apply the wallpaper yourself in your home:

  1. Prepare the wall with plaster or running dough;
  2. Spray paint to prevent dust from clinging to the paper in the future;
  3. Do this wall preparation process at least 1 week before installation;
  4. Dilute the glue powder slowly with water and leave it ready one day before use;
  5. Take a table with easel prepared to extend the paper properly and do not soil any place with the glue;
  6. Run a glue coat, wait 5 minutes and run another coat. Glue only after 2 coats, this is essential;
  7. Stick it on the wall. If there are prints, be very careful to marry them perfectly;
  8. Never give a spatula! She spoils the paper and pulls out the glue. Use at most one soft brush;
  9. Take out excess glue, if any, with a cloth;
  10. Wait at least 5 days for the blisters to dry. They come alone, never squeeze them.

14 common mistakes in using wallpaper in decorating and how to avoid them

So that there are no mistakes when it comes to making your walls even more beautiful and decorated, check out the most common misconceptions and professional tips to solve them:

  1. Calculate:”Calculate the required footage correctly. A roll covers an average of 5 square meters, it is 50 inches wide by 10 feetPeople always confuse and think that a roll has 10 square meters, buying only half of the necessary,”instructs.
  2. Always buy more:”Due to the need to ‘marry’ the drawings, the printed papers give a greater loss of at least 10% more. When you buy, remember this detail.”, Guides.
  3. Take into consideration the doors and windows:”do not forget to count the door or window in your footage calculation, because if the paper is stamped, it is necessary to continue the print on the piece of wall that is above or below the span. In the case of plain papers, this calculation does not apply and the gap can be withdrawn not to buy more paper,”he reports.
  4. Handle the paper carefully:”Paper does not stretch! It does not have any elasticity, many imagine that if they lack a few centimeters, it will be possible to stretch the paper a bit to avoid buying another roll, but this is not applicable,”he reveals.
  5. Buy wallpaper specific to the region to be applied:”buying paper that is not suitable for damp areas and installing in the bathroom is not a good investment. Today we already have papers that allow wet areas, so be sure to check”, he teaches.
  6. Use them only indoors:”wallpaper can not take rain, so never install it outdoors,” instructs.
  7. Beware of stamped paper:”Beware of very strong prints in front of the mirror, as it will double the effect and may cause something different than desired,” he explains.
  8. Take advantage of the mirror:”Use this feature to save money on the purchase of paper, since depending on the paper you choose, you can take advantage of the reflective effect of the mirror. Install it on walls that will be reflected and you will magnify the effect of the paper without having to buy more material for it,”he adds.
  9. Hide imperfections in the wall:”If your wall is not well-finished and smooth and you do not have or do not want to invest in the repair of the same, some papers and prints better disguise the imperfections,” he says.
  10. Take care of the finishing:”If you want to apply it all over the wall, always finish the paper in the baseboard, it looks more beautiful and it avoids its wear and poor finish”, he suggests.
  11. Avoid visual pollution:”Avoid paper with large prints behind the television as it can distract and disrupt the viewer’s view,” he says.
  12. Choose the prints according to the environments:”very strong prints should be prioritized in environments of non-continuous use, not to generate fatigue or seasickness of the same quickly”, proposes.
  13. Seek professional help:”The effect of paper will significantly change the environment. Look for a professional whenever possible to help you choose, avoiding mistakes that compromise the feeling of comfort,”he advises.
  14. Unleash your imagination:”Take the time to dare with the paper, it is easy to remove and allows for future changes. Take advantage of this to choose thematic, colorful and highly differentiated papers. If you tire, just change. Run away from the basics, make environments like you always dreamed and then just modify them,”she encourages.


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