Cargo Backpack:Tips on How to Choose the Right Backpack For Travel

“How to choose backpacking” or “How to choose a backpack freighter”, is the first question that we have when we decided to travel the world. After all, the backpack for travel is the Cabinet (a) traveller for months or years, and fundamental item in your travel checklist.

So, learn How to choose the backpack correctly, and don’t skimp on the requirements. The backpack can come out guy, but it’s worth it, when you’re walking around.

Here at, I teach how to choose a camping tent for travel, and we talk about the amazing bag that turns into a tent for camping.

Today, we save your hours of research, showing which are the key items in choosing a cargo bag for travel, including a female cargo bag.

How to choose backpacking: everything you need to consider to choose a cargo bag for travel

When I bought my first bag, I wouldn’t have the slightest notion of How to choose a backpack freighter, and felt silly to pay expensive. She was uncomfortable, with weak material and not last so many years.

Today, I’m mochilando since may 2015, and I think about how it was important to choose well and do not save on My second bag for travel.

Good travel backpacks distribute the weight better on the back, and fit to the body. For those who, like me, had a backpack bad and is better, the difference is sharp. The same objects appear lighter when the bag has top quality.

Time to choose a backpack to travel, take into account the following items.

 What is the ideal size for a cargo bag?

Not too big, not too small. Choose a backpack very large freighter will cause you always carry more weight than necessary – more space, more weight. On the other hand, a very small backpacking will not be enough to take all things, and can be packed to the point of ruining the material, or be inconvenience in the back, due to the amount of stuff.

When I decided to drop everything to travel without money around South America for a few years, I researched a lot about mochilões sizes. My conclusion, researching and seeing several (as) travellers along my path, is: there is no perfect size. The bag needs to be proportional to your body – a person of one metre and a half does not go with a cargo of 70 L backpack.

The tip is: to go backpacking for long periods you should choose a backpack that has between 50 and 60 liters. This is a big enough to take everything you really need (mine has 50 L).

For the day-to-day, bring a small backpack, 15 L, which, on the road, call attack backpack. In it, you will take the items to the rides, such as cameras, sunscreen, water bottle, etc. In stores, there are backpacks, small and foldable, which are great, and some brands, sell large mochilões with a smaller part, removable.

 What you can’t miss on cargo backpack?

The best mochilões of the market, they have, at least, most of the following items.

Water resistance – don’t think your backpacking needs to be 100% waterproof, because that would mean paying too expensive, without a real need, when it’s raining we were not walking in the rain, but we’re looking for a location covered. Choose a backpack for travel that has at least one semi-impermeável material (as is most good bags-cargo) and that will be enough to wet your objects with a rain.

See if she has a rain apron (some, others do not), but if not, you will need to buy a separate, because they are an excellent protection against storms and rains. Ask about the material and make sure it’s not some fabric that stays wet for a long time, as this may cause mold.

See the structure of the backpack – pay attention to how the structure of the backpack. Some are heavy, even when they are empty, with iron structures, with little mobility, and that sometimes hurt. Run these. See how the bag is adjustable and how much she is light when it’s empty. Its structure is best when it is of carbon fibre or plastic, which are light and durable.

Backpacking to be padded on the back – as you can imagine, my first backpacking did not have this item. It was a backpack padded backless, really bad. The weight always seemed much larger than in my current backpack that has good padding. Therefore, choose a backpacking padded, that is cute and tight in the back.

Backpack with soft parts – many backpacks-cargo do not have soft parts and padded shoulders and waist. Do not buy one of these. The backpacks are more comfortable and help relieve the weight when parts of the waist and the shoulders are soft. The Strip that sits on your shoulders should be smooth and thick. Pay attention on how are the tapes that hold in the belly (barrigueira) and chest (pectoral adjustment), and if you are resistant because they are key to distribute the weight for your body.

Quantity and type of zippers -choose backpacking with big zippers and resistant, otherwise you will be stressed out with them, or worse, they will break. A good backpack freighter also has, at least, the main compartments with two zippers, giving the possibility to lock them with a lock, if you need.

Choose a backpacking with lots of compartments -it is essential that the backpacking has several compartments and pockets. So you don’t have to squeeze their belongings and can separate the pockets according to organizational logic that suits her, having easy access to items when you need (example: personal hygiene material into a Pocket, electronics in another, etc).

A good cargo bag must have at least:

  • a large main compartment with separation for dirty or wet clothes and pots of food (usually at the bottom);
  • two large side pockets;
  • a cover;
  • and an internal compartment (usually small) for items that need to be less exposed as documents, blocks, tablets, etc.

If there are one or more small pockets near the waist, to cell phones, knives or wallets, is a great option. Note also the amount of options to tie things outside tennis hut, thermal insulation and the like, which are typically fastened with help of climbing carabiners and extenders.

Ways to open – one thing I’ve learned as a backpacker, and I think it is very important in a cargo bag, is: have more than one option to open the main compartment of the bag. Some mochilões have only the opening on top, which is bad, because it means having to take everything when you need an item that is on the bottom – and it happens often. Choose a backpack that has two zippers, and to open the complete compartment in the Middle, bottom to top. Or with a circular opening, of 180 or 360 degrees. Run of the travel packs only open up and you will thank me for this.

 What size of cargo bag choose and litragem for every kind of trip?

I advise you to follow the following logic:

  • Up to 15 litres -attack backpack for use in everyday life, enough for a city tour or a fast track;
  • 15 to 25 litres – simple backpack with enough room for an overnight stay;
  • 25 to 40 litres – simple backpack with enough room for a full weekend;
  • 50 to 60 litres – ideal for long trips and backpacking with the need of items described in this article.

For help, see this check-list for travel and how to fix the backpack for travel.

 How much does a cargo backpack for travel?

In Brazil, you will find good bags-cargo, by average values between R$ 250-600. The travel backpacks more tops may vary between R $700-1,000.

The most famous brands of traditional mochilões are:

  • Quechua
  • Nautika
  • Kailash
  • Aztec (top row of brand Nautika)
  • Trails and Paths

The tops brands and more expensive, are:

  • The North Face
  • Deuter
  • Did (despite being a very recommended, I had problems with your customer service when needed)

You can find great bags-cargo, and with the items recommended for values up to R $400.00.

As I mentioned in the article How to save for travel, buy new, most of the time, it’s silly vanity. You can get great equipment for lower prices, researching on OLX and/or the group Classified backpackers, on Facebook.

If you want to buy in a store, search for the lowest price with the Rocket.

If you cannot afford a good backpacking, travel anyway. Don’t miss your dream for lack of money.

Ps: we do not we are sponsored by any brand mentioned in the article. The companies mentioned is why we believe in the product or service offered. Some links and banners are affiliated, i.e. you buy, free of charge, and we get a small Commission paid by the company. If this article helped you in your choice, we will be happy if you buy through these links, because it helps keep our blog in the air.

Thanks for reading and have a great trip!

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