CARDIGAN:Beloved in Any Season

Stars in my closet are born and die, but Cardigans are star-crossed lovers!

‘Cardis’ (as I call mine) are lightweight jackets for a day of mild weather. Can be so classic as a bag from Chanel and as wildcards as a pair of jeans. It’s a play so versatile that transitions from classical to stripped completing perfectly the looks, in addition to come in various formats: fit, maxi cardigan, colorful, stamped …


+ Jeans: Let the look much more modern and stripped. In this case we recommend the classic knit Cardigan, allied to fun t-shirt is per-fei-to!

+ Dress: A perfect combination! Depending on the cardigan that you choose is very interesting you use a belt on top, it will refine the silhouette and cause an hourglass effect. Add the accessories and voila! Amazing! Play with more noble fabrics and create a look one night!

+ Exit: bet in this combination. Cardigan with skirt creates that visual super preppy at programingplease < 3. Even more if you add income, petit pois or stripes in the look. Complete with pearls as Chanel did. Très très chic!

+ Shorts: romantic and stripped. The combination of cardigan with shorts is perfect for mild days that cool night. Complete the look with booties that remind the military trend and, if you like, finish with a pantyhose.

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