Captcha Video? Now There

The captchas are already on the Internet for some time. Sites download, contact forms, registrations of new services … There are few scenarios in which this type of technology is used. The goal, you know, is to confirm that the user trying to complete that action is even a human being. The problem is that as captchas have become more sophisticated, so did the robots.

And how many of us no longer lose several seconds watching the letters of a captcha before inserting the required characters. In certain sites it is virtually impossible to hit the captcha first (the system used by Google is one of them, by the way). Thankfully engineers invented a new way to present the user confirmation: it is the captcha based on video.

So far, most captchas was presented to the user through images with little letters that must be included. I have also seen capcthas based on pictures of animals and also in 3D letters. But always with images. In the case of NuCaptcha, they thought what would make the task robot trying to create a registration email (to send spam, of course) more difficult. The conclusion was that any character reading system would be hard pressed to identify letters that stay floating across the screen.

The result is the screenshot above. NuCaptcha uses Flash Player to display something similar to a video (only in that we have an increase in level of difficulty, since not all reading systems can play Flash). Furthermore, the letters are floating on the screen, which can cause further confusion. Finally, the NuCaptcha requests that only letters of a certain color are inserted in the form.

Hopefully, the company behind this technology gain new investors. At least the idea seems to me good.

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