Capodarte Summer

You can’t deny … the Luxurious guess heartbreaker! Isn’t that right girls? Hahahaha … modesty lives in our little bodies!but between you and me, there are days that this blog is a temptation, neh? Impossible to resist to so many beautiful people! Our “Virtual Showcase” is full of news and want to share everything, everything, every detail, with you. We don’t want to suffer alone, each story is a struggle against our consumeristic impulses. RS. If you ever go crazy watching the computer screen by novis, imagine we going make the materials, take the pictures, and we see it all there in front of us? It’s not easy no!!! But our mission is this: to facilitate the daily lives of our readers, showing all the good that is going on out there! And today, to leave Wednesday with the wealth, we brought you the collection Summer 2014 of CAPODARTE!!!

The CAPODARTE is a brand recognized for your sophisticated design and handmade touches. In addition, their products full of different details make the brand a reference for all women! The 2014 summer collection of CAPODARTE is breathtaking and is a shot in the heart of the chicks who loves shoes, purses and beautiful accessories. Inspired by the Italian precious jewels new collection comes full of elegance, sophistication and really, really glow. The cool thing is that even with all this brightness, the pieces of this campaign are very versatile and can be used both during the day as at night. The CAPODARTE thinks of everything … as if that wasn’t enough the mark bet on partnership of black and nude that are super high in all blogs in this big world, fashionista and of course a wonderful color chart and for all tastes. But not only that, the summer 2014 brand also came up with many fofíssimos accessories to complete the look, bracelets with precious stones as well as applications. The flats have won a special touch, with four models of them came in leather and adorned with glass stones. Ahhh girls, not to mention the fashion handbags that are real gems!

Separated some parts so you can have an idea of the beauty that is the…


Take a look!!!

It’s not breathtaking? Now you understand our suffering, neh? KKKKK

The CAPODARTE is in Shopping Campo Grande, 2nd floor.