Buy Moleca Shoes Brazil Sneakers

If you visit multi-brand stores shoes, it must surely have crossed with some Moleca sneakers. Cockroaches, always fashionable and inviting in some shops they are the flashy to get the budget. If your search is for diversity and low price, Moleca brand sneakers are your best option.

This does not mean a bad shoe, only slightly less quality in the material, even with good raw material. They are products of synthetic leather, plastic and moorings in tissue. Minimum and average quality embroidery works make this basic use footwear. Can you go to a party or another, but nothing very sophisticated.


What draws attention in sneakers Moleca are the same variety of prints. The models are always the same basically going from 33-39 form Brazil, but with a wide range of colors. Each collection has an average of 10 models shoes and they do not obey the fashion weeks. Every three months new models arrive in stores, going according to the season. It has pattern of leopard, laces, neutral with light colors for basic use. The most trends are printed, many bows and details that value the piece.

Sneakers Prices Moleca

For those who do not know the Moleca, the brand already has a certain time to market. For several years it was famous for sandals creepers and mid heel sandals and clogs baratinhos. The low price has always been the focus of the brand.

About two years ago he began to invest heavily in sneakers with reduced prices and, for those who love to take two or more shoes to booing. As with the competitors you would a sneaker for R$120, with Moleca can take three!

Prices vary according to the city, but is a standard Moleca sneaker cost less than R$60. Many simple models cost less than R$30! Very good, no? And as the brand sells well, most of the multi -brand stores throughout Brazil has some products.

There Moleca shoes starting with R$29, even cheaper if an old collection. The brand is a little wider than it seems, also selling boots, medium and low heels, flat sandals to the mountains and mid heel sandal. It has long been the leading sales clogs, but as the trend is behind us, the manufacturer pulled out of line.

Some stores where you can buy Moleca sneakers are:,,, Cipela, Neapolitan shops, among others. Most multi – brand shoe stores of your city must also sell the product to be much sought after and low.


Sneakers Moleca Are Good?

Because they are very cheap, the shoes Moleca leave some doubts about its quality.

They are not really leather shoes, more resistant, but it has its merits. They last well and has some advantages. Many of the models have plasticized cover, which, on rainy days, do not let the casual users on hand for a wet and heavy footwear.

Logically is not one of the most expensive and chic sneakers market has a low cost and cheap raw materials, but they last a lot. They are well finished and sewn and defects are rare. There is a period of trading seven days a store, but there are no guarantees with the brand. After all, is not a designer of shoes, even if an already strong brand. Overall, even though a sneaker somewhat skimpy and not the most recommended for use of years (what about designer shoes), worth the investment.