Bug on Facebook Shows You Who You are Most Interested

That’s something that probably few people know: the Facebook uses a ranking system called EdgeRank to determine which profiles you most visit when browsing the social network. In this way the site can “learn” who are your best friends and thus give more accurate results of search or display them more activities in the news feed. This ranking is not displayed to users, but a developer discovered that part of it can be accessed.

The responsible for discovering this apparent bug was Jeremy Keeshin who was working on an application that uses components of the social network. The full explanation is in his blog in English, but basically he realized he could send a request for data to a file on Facebook and showing back the pages of friends you most visit.

To see this list, drag this link to your bookmarks bar, access Facebook (without HTTPS option on) and click the link. Here is a list, ordered by who you most visit to bottom. It’s an interesting way of knowing which of your friends you most care about. Or what you most stalkeia a straight face all day. My case is the first, of course.

Whatever the reason, it is good to note that this bookmarklet does not save your data, do not send information to nowhere and can stop working at any time, just the Facebook plug the hole.