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I love brush. Whether to paint or makeup. I like the touch of the brush hair and feeling on the skin or the canvas. Cosmetic brushes, it is particularly important that they are gentle to my skin and easy to clean. Cleaning the brush I use brush SOAP by da Vinci. My brushes are essentially backstage, Ulrike Schütze and MAC. There are art and real hair brush – depending on the application.

At ebelin* There is the new brush and sponge, modern painting textures and needs are matched. So far, I’ve never bought brush by ebelin, because they are so packed that I can’t touch them before buying. In order to assess the quality of a brush, touching the hair however is required. The packaging of this brush is positive that the packaging can be closed again and thus suitable for use on the road are (if the plastic smell disappears). That were sent me some stuff, I you like with my brief impressions comments show.

Professional make up + concealer brush

The absolute highlight of the new products! Liquid and creamy permanent makeup makes skin spread so evenly at lightning speed. The brush hairs are very soft at the tip and soft to the skin. The synthetic hair brush is perfect for that color & care cream to powder makeup of alverde, which I recently presented. Thus, the Mission of the sweat of the brow is child’s play. If you use only makeup, I can distribute it well on the eye shadow brush. For the pure application of concealer brush is too thick – a small-scale distribution is not possible. Since the same brush in small would be perfect. Since I use mostly just makeup and no concealer, it doesn’t bother me. I’ll again buy the brush in any case for my work.

Professional mineral powder brush

The fingertips hair brush something flat down comes out of the box. After the first washing and forms, he is around. He is a touch me too hard on the ends of the black hair. But for the price it is OK, if someone wants to test times as a kind of brush.

Duo eye shadow brush

Unfortunately, this brush is a total flop. I can recommend frankly by the purchase only. The natural hair Ribbons are very short, sting the skin (hard top), are too soft (press wide use), smell unpleasant (even after the first wash) and part side stand off out of the sleeve. Worst of all is that the brush hair washing as blue black colour, that I with have colored other sponges to me. Also long rinse has not completely stopped.

Makeup sponges

A few spare sponges do no harm.

Precision make up egg

The latex-free egg lies well in the hand, uniformly applying liquid makeup and leaves to be expressed so that it dries quickly after cleaning.

Facial peeling with Massagepad

The pad looks sweet. Used I don’t have it yet.

There’s still a 6teiliges travel kit, gel-Lidschattenapplikator and new nail care products.

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