Bridesmaids Dresses: Pictures and Models

The sweetest components and expected–just after the bride, of course–is, without a doubt, my-that comes accompanied by page-and the bridesmaids.Commonly chosen to be the flower girl or also called florist, plays a role, that is, unit is represented by a single girl, bridesmaids, usually come in a group, in addition to being represented by older girls. So much about the other can not miss during the wedding procession, delicacy and sweetness to the ceremony.

Like mini brides, the entrance of bridesmaids and flower girl is a fundamental part of the wedding and also one of the sweetest moments and anticipated the ceremonial. Displaying trend beautiful dresses, they must exude grace and elegance, in addition to being so thrilled about what the bride that will follow.

When we talk in my dress, above all, we’re talking about a child, we need to appreciate the comfort of small first, and be attentive to details when choosing your dress well. The dress should be combined according to the place and time of the ceremony, likewise, buquet and styling. Be careful when choosing dresses that contain many embellishments, Ruffles, the same tip applies to tissues, avoid the very harsh, which may itch, scratch, causing a great nuisance to child by being a kid, you’re not going to have the smallest “ceremony” in demonstrating-at the time of entrance next to the bride, your discomfort, compromising, the smooth running of the party.

For dress, choose light fabrics or fluid, like cotton or tulle, so the child is in no danger of getting hot. The size of the costume varies according to the age of my.Girls under six years of age may not like to wear dresses that have the skirt very full or that are very long. Not to make a mistake and win them all, the tip is to choose a dress that go up to the knee. Girls over six years-up to eight years is the ideal to be maid of honor – can wear dresses Princess style, for being able to understand what is your role in the ceremony, as well as the importance of it. But don’t forget that as much impeccable that the my should be, she is young and needs to be treated as such, so avoid choose to exaggerated makeup or heels, anyway, she conveys innocence and softness.

For the adult bridesmaids, in majority, girls ranging from 13 to 24 years of age, the dress should be, as well as the flower girl, also compatible with the bride. And, almost always, is she who chooses the model, which used to be standard for all the bridesmaids. Repeating both accessories and hairstyles worn by ladies at the time.

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