Brazilian clothes for the World Cup

The biggest sporting spectacle is almost to come, the World Cup this year is even more special because it happens in Brazil where football is king sport.

Brazilian clothes for the World Cup

Preparing for the big event starts some time before, supporters have prepared the clothes, hairstyles, accessories and paintings to be dressed to the fullest to support their selection and their country.

From the youngest to the oldest, they all support their team and their players, suffer every minute of the game and celebrate with joy all the goals and victories. The streets are painted yellow, green and blue and the parties are multiplied in the stadiums and in the streets.

Vandi & Cia is proud to announce that Vandi & Cia has made the best of Brazilian children’s clothing , because love for football is still born in the mother’s belly.

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They are super cute, comfortable and original sets that will make your baby the center of any crowd.

It has options for boy and girl, with the colors of Brazil these baby sets allow you to take original photos that have remained forever as a reminder of the first of many hearts, a beautiful memory to surprise friends and family.