Brazil Has the Second Largest Number of Twitter Users

According to the study of Sysomos, Brazil is the country with the second largest number of users of Twitter in the world, with 8.79% of all users of the service.

Ahead of Brazil was only the United States, representing 50.88% of the world twitterers. Since the search earlier, in June 2009, Americans have led, but Brazil was a big surprise. Their representation on Twitter made a big jump, more than quadrupling the 2% held in June, and thus exceeding Autralia, Canada and Britain, to reach the second place that has now.

In total tweeted, however, drops to third with 6.73%. In this aspect the Americans still in front (56.59%) and Britain is in second (8.09%).

The study also analyzes the cities that tweet, and again Brazil was present: São Paulo is the third largest responsible for posts microblog (1.47%), behind only Los Angeles (1.63%) and London (2, 08%). The Rio de Janeiro also appears in the top ten, taking the ninth place to send 0.75% of the world tweeted.