Bras that Every Woman Needs to Have


It may seem simple, but choosing the right bra models in our closet is not always so easy. So I went to the help of the lingerie consultant Karine Santana , who chose the  five models that every woman needs to have. Take a look:


No bubble bulge for women with enough boobs and bubble bulge for those who like to give a up and a little more volume.

The basic bra is traditional and caters for all hours, is the one to wear daily. It is important at the time of purchase to choose one that gives full support to the breasts covering the sides and that is not right on the back because being a piece of daily use requires extreme comfort. Choose basic color pieces that do not mark on the clothes like nude, black and white. But remember: it’s not because it’s basic that it has to be badly taken care of with pulled strings, crumpled and etc … We never know when we’ll be caught off guard, will not we?


For use with regattas, dresses or on the show with the back from outside.

It is ideal for summer and is a great option to replace that silicone strap with silicone straps on the back, letting a cute swimmer bra on show looks more elegant than showing the silicone straps.

Even, do you know when a silicone bra should be worn?

Is easy:

3-I hope you fall

When we do not want to show the tops and wear dresses and blouses, he will fall, he is the chosen one.

Always try before you buy so do not happen to come home and it will fall and cause a certain insecurity, or stay tight on the back and wide on the breasts. It is also a great choice to wear with dresses, overalls or with lightly sweater blouses.

4-Multipurpose bra

It is the one that mixes the basic bra with several possibilities to use, where we can change the strips of place according to our need.

When we want to put that neckline in the back this is the perfect bra, because nothing is showing.

5-Strappy Bra

The bra of the moment became a basic piece in the drawer of who is attentive to the news in lingerie and likes a pinch fashion to compose his look.

With geometric strips, the piece looks beautiful when combined with a low-cut blouse, sweaters with transparencies or parts that have other straps, such as dresses for example.

So, do you already have these models?