Braille, a Firm Emerging That Promises Enough

By: camillebrion

There are times that you take a look at any firm and you realize the possible potential which can be purchased in the right hands and with sufficient economic drive. This is the case of Braille, a firm that as they say is still in its infancy but with his third collection already promises a creative line quite coherent, offending and that with a little more debug could give the final leap. This third RAID responds to the name of ‘ Our damn hands & #8217; and it contains primarily trencas, trench coats and outerwear tries that approach from another point of view, little tried so far and has no bad paint. All of this belongs to your season Autumn/winter 2011 / 2012 Of course.

Inspired in the Victorian aesthetics and the warm clothes for the sites of higher humidity, including details such as the typical double-breasted coats of firefighters in their trencas, instead of the traditional elongated buttons that tend to resort to the use of teeth or ivory items as most of the times.

Campaign cuts, ponchos, mao collars with necks of peak or simply asymmetric trencas some of the proposals are more trasgresoras that the Braille signing has brought to the market. Colors in general tend to be somewhat turned off, often military, marine blue, charcoal gray and even black green.

Complete and above all to innovate According to the concept I always repeat that it is essential for an emerging company in the world of fashion: accessibility both economic and stylistic. Or bizarre items that we fear test, neither too regular and ordinary for our attention. In the wet point is virtue and Braille at the moment is on track. What do you think?

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