Bra Fitting: The Perfect Bra

After reading an article that claimed that only one in ten women wear the right bra size and that 34% of women have no idea your number, I decided to go to the Queen of hearts.

The result was surprising, after the bra fitting session passed the size 36B for 32D. In fact, I consider the fundamental lingerie consulting service, as it should invest in the appropriate parts to their physical characteristics and specific needs in order to enhance the value of your body according to therightBras.

Use the proper size and model of bra for your breast type is very important. A deranged lingerie can ruin your entire image, but also cause discomfort and damage to health, as is the case with bad posture of the back, shoulders, compression pressure of the lymphatic system or sagging of the breast.

By the way, have you noticed those unsightly marks under your clothes or folds that form to your back, when you use a wrong size or model of bra. One of the most common situations is to use a very wide measure on the back and a very small bag to her chest.

The truth is that if you use the wrong bra size, as a model that is too tight or wide, do not hold the chest or let an outside, undermines the well-being, your posture and image. Don’t forget that comfort is essential to feel good and confident in your skin.

Queen of hearts-Room Lingerie consulting

The Queen of hearts, located in downtown Lisbon, Santa Justa Street, is a store that specializes in Bra Fitting and consulting of lingerie, with a varied offer for different occasions and women of all sizes. This is the ideal place for those who have difficulty in finding parts to your measure, because here’s the 28 measures up to 46 and hearts from A to k.

The space also offers a personal recommendation, in which you can choose the most appropriate models in all privacy. And the bra fitting service is free, i.e. only pays the parts that take and not a minimum value of purchases.

Services include the Bra Fitting Mama (pregnancy and breastfeeding), the Bra Fitting Aesthetics (after a cosmetic surgery to his chest) and the Bra Fitting pink (for women who have had breast cancer), among other types of advice.

Prices of brassieres, these vary depending on the models and sizes, but you can find pieces from 39 euros. Meet the various collections of the Queen of hearts, both for day-to-day, as for those who practice sport, you want to go to the beach or are looking for something for a special occasion.

Bra Fitting service-the size and the most appropriate model of BRA

Bra Fitting session, available in stores of Lisbon and of Porto, the Queen of hearts offers the advice the right size of BRA, as well as the most suitable models for your breast type, occasion or outfit.

If you want to try on the bra fitting service, be aware that it is not necessary to make an appointment, being received in the store by a nice lingerie consultant, who will make a diagnosis of its needs. The personalized service aims to understand if you are looking for a part for a special occasion, like a birthday party or wedding, or if you want to find the best support for your chest.

This welcoming space and feminine, with a beautifully decorated vintage and divas of the ‘ 20 images, features dozens of lingerie models, from the most classic to the most romantic, sexy and colorful. The waiting room at the back of the store, is perfect for the escorts to anyone who has kids. Or if you want to, you can gather a group of girlfriends and spend a different evening, scheduling a bra fitting workshop.

Whether you are on hangers or in antique furniture, the various parts are exposed, so that you can enjoy each model, as well as assess your texture, shape and quality of finishes. Is the paradise of bras, as you will find models with or without rings, plain or with lace, neutral colors or tones living, Caballero or models with adjustable handles and accessories for all types of chest (hearts, silicone protections for handles, extenders, nipples, among others).

After the diagnosis, the lingerie consultant invites her to climb up to the second floor, where you will take your measurements in order to evaluate what is the right size, but also their needs (as have a small or large, flabby or asymmetric, or if you have undergone a surgical operation). Here you can experience the models with all the privacy and choose the most suitable for you.

In the end, the consultant of the Queen of hearts fills a customer card, on which are recorded your personal information and your favorite parts. Thus, if you want you can purchase the templates later, either in store or via the online ordering service (if you reside in another part of the country).

After the session, I bought two models of practical and versatile BRA, a black man and with income and other smooth and skin color, that fit my needs. Result: in a few minutes I got the chest more lifted and round, without any surgery or treatment, that is, the dream of many women. My secret? Use the right number of BRA!