Bose Soundlink, An Enduring And Very Comfortable Bluetooth Headset

Bose offers a new headphone wireless, the SoundLink. The American manufacturer highlights autonomy, sound quality, ease of use and comfort of his headphones. Let’s see if all these promises are true use.

The Bose SoundLink is a closed type supra-aural headphones. With its folding Atria and its flexible headband, it takes little room once folded. It comes with a carrying case, a micro-USB cable / USB of 33.4 cm for recharging, a jack/jack cable 1 m 20 wired listening and the operating instructions. It is therefore provided with necessary accessories, but we would have liked to be more qualitative given the price range in which it is located. The charging cable is very short, the fineness of the jack cable does not reassure about its reliability in time and the case is hardly rewarding. The helmet is light with its 152g. Manufacturing seems serious. The hoop is well padded and dressed in fabric on the top, the atria are particularly soft and fluffy, which is a good sign for comfort. The hinges are solid and the earcups rotate in the horizontal axis to better marry the listener’s head. For those who like me still have trouble identifying the left side of the right side – they are often very discreetly indicated by manufacturers – Bose has had the good idea to hit inside the Atria of a large L (Left) to the left side and a large R (Right) to the right side. Helmet bluetooth Bose SoundLink is compatible mobile devices Apple (iPod, iPhone and iPad) and offers the taken telephone communication through its built-in microphone.

First observation, the promise is kept in terms of comfort. Bose SoundLink is barely felt on the head, and little hot ears even during extended listening. Pads glow by their sweetness and are quickly forgotten. Regarding the turn-on, I did not even open the manual so it’s simple and intuitive. After charge complete (count 1:30 for an autonomy announced of 15 h), simply press and hold the Centre button on the right atrium to start the Bluetooth search. You then find the Bose Soundlink in the list of devices recognized by your source drive, you accept the connection, and it’s good, you can listen to your music wirelessly. Note that the Bluetooth link has been very stable during my tests. To finish with the aspect charging, it should be noted thata Quick 15 minute charge offers 2 hours of battery life.

Connected to my indestructible Cowon Z2, the Bose SoundLink offers a return of good quality in Bluetooth. Listening to a responsible piece of jazz in low shows thathe knows transcribe low frequencies without blister but with authority.Medium-high is not outdone. Feels a little lacking at the 2 ends of the audio spectrum, but it is very usual in listening Bluetooth. On the other hand the noise level available appears rather short, at least with the Cowon Z2. We also would have liked a little more fishing, the Bose Soundlink appears sometimes too good, especially on the fast songs.

By wireframe, restitution has changed at all. Keener, far more powerful in volume, we win in surface sound and the bandwidth. It is closer then the usual Bose sound, with good seating frequencies and a sharp set back slightly. Wired listening stands clear of Bluetooth listening. Insulation is rather good for a headphone supra aural, perceived external noise that it taints the musical return.

Bose SoundLink cannot deny his DNA. In the purest tradition of the U.S., particularly characterized by a serious full-bodied. Less dynamic and substantially less powerful than the wireframe, the Bluetooth mode does not demerit and offers good stability combined with a comfortable life. The headset from is versatile and suitable for many different musical types.