Book Tip: “My Iphone & Me… Incl. Icloud”

Why this book?
Smart phones are gaining more and more in the German market. Among the 30-year-olds, every second one now has one, and sales rates are steadily rising. More than five years ago, in January 2007, Apple launched the revolutionary iPhone on the market. The pioneer of all smart phones, as we know them today. Until October 2011, Apple has always successfully developed its cash register, and with the iPhone 4S the associated operating system iOS5 on the market. This now has over 200 new, useful features that make the iPhone even more powerful than before. But in order to achieve the full potential, one must understand the system as a whole. But how? With the almost 500-page handbook Mein iPhone & ich incl. ICloud from the amac-book publishing company, you should be able to understand the iPhone and its operating system better and more effectively in a short time. Is that really true?Can a longtime iPhone owner still something to learn?

In My iPhone and I , you will not only learn the new features, such as the iMessagemessaging center , the Siri voice recognition system, or the new central notifications, but also familiar features from iOS predecessor versions, which have remained and developed over time,

Step by step
Especially for new iPhone owners, the first chapter is very interesting. With the aid of clear pictures and easy-to-follow explanations, it is easy for any newcomer to put the iPhone into operation and use it efficiently. Step by step, starting with the first installation, loading an already existing backup, using useful operating aids, the efficient use of Siri, right up to the comfortable navigation in the Internet browser Safari, you will be guided through this book and learn a lot.

The iPhone as a news center
The iPhone has strong skills in the field of Internet and communication. Too much to forget that the iPhone is a device, with which one can also make calls. The subject of telephony is also discussed in the book, of course, but the Internet and the use of the iPhone as a news center is quite interesting. The subject of e-mail is treated in great detail. Starting with setting up a mail account, synchronization via iCloud, problems with POP accounts and their solutions and much more. Also helpful tips for setting up and using iMessage and SMS/MMS are given.

ICloud-everything from a single source
The hype surrounding cloud computing is currently very large and will probably revolutionize the storage market. Working with the iCloud service from Apple is a simple thing, but hardly what is happening in the background. Therefore, it is very important that all devices are properly configured for cloud operation. In the book I have provided, the reader finds illustrated and easy-to-understand instructions for creating an Apple ID, the perfect setup under Windows and Mac, working with the iCloud, right up to the question of how to remove the iCloud again.

If you would like to deal exclusively with iCloud, the separately available iCloud book might be of interest to you. This is all about iCloud and the alternative cloud service dropbox . In a separate chapter, there is also a tutorial on how to easily move to the new iCloud with an existing MobileMe account-a previously paid service from Apple, which is discontinued as of June 30, 2012.

Keeping the system current and troubleshooting
The iPhone works very reliably, but it can happen, as is sometimes the case with technical devices, always something unforeseen. In this case, the authors provide tips on how to behave in such situations. Troubleshooting solutions are listed. Errors are rare in the iPhone, but in an emergency you can use the tips mentioned in the book to avert major damage in time.

My iPhone & I is a wise guide of the Einheim or the changeover to the iPhone facilitates and even experienced users still can convey something new. The well-known best-seller author Anton Ochsenkühn and the IT journalist Michael Krimmer explain the iPhone 4S and the operating system iOS5 in an easy-to-understand, comprehensible and richly illustrated way.The structure of the individual chapters is very structured and thanks to the step-by-step instructions, one can immediately implement the newly learned skills on the device. I can recommend this book to all iPhone owners who want to make the most of their smart phone.