Bloggers Who Discovered the iPhone 4 Apple Win in Court

When the iPhone 4 was released, no one did surprise face. The own Steve Jobs said during the WWDC 2010 that some of the spectators in the keynote would have seen the product. It is that Gizmodo American had published photos of each centimeter that the device could present days and days before the big launch. I’m probably talking about the most notable case of scoop given by a technology blog.

The Apple did not like the story and was the justice question it. On Wednesday (10) left the final verdict: none of the bloggers hired by Gizmodo will face a fine or even a little time behind bars.

A judge of the San Mateo County, California, determined that the Gawker Media employees, the company that publishes Gizmodo, are free to find and publish information about the most secret prototypes that this industry could offer. Interestingly, the commemoration of Gawker seemed quite shy before a contentious lawsuit filed by Apple’s Steve Jobs.

“We are pleased that (…) No crime was committed by the gizmodo team in relation to reporting on the iphone 4 prototype last year. Although we believed to have acted completely in accordance with the law, it was inevitably stressful for the editor concerned, jason chen, and we are happy to finally let it go.”

The Gizmodo published his first article on the iPhone 4 on April 19, 2010. The productwas finally announced on June 7 last year, with almost two months late. In the meantime, I wonder how many sermons Mr. Jobs should not have given in your team because of a leak so shameful. Since that time, the blog is no longer accepted in any official Apple event.

It is worth remembering that the American blog claims to have found the iPhone 4 forgotten in a bar table. Apple asked for the prototype to be returned, but the Gizmodo said it would only return if the company first assumed that the product was legitimate it. And then he began the legal dispute.