Blogger, Lacking Official Application of Many Options

By: camillebrion

A few weeks ago Blogger, Google blogs service, launched its official application to be able to write on their blogs directly from Android. The idea is good, and we talked about the application of the same style for WordPress. Unfortunately the functions that allow Blogger is very limited.

Basically what allows the application of Blogger is to create very simple posts, without the ability to edit the style, or use advanced functions programming posts. That Yes, allows you to insert photos and videos, something which is thank as well as put tags and geotag entries.

But the limitations do not end here. No you cannot edit posts that were already written in the blog (only the writings from the application), or create new blogs from Blogger. I.e., the application is basically to create new simple posts without having to enter the site from Blogger.

Personally I hope that Google will improve this application, general service of blogs has become outdated, and one way to update would be a good application for mobile. Not because it is a comfortable place to write, but certainly tablets will be do a good editing platform that needs a consistent application.

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