Black Skirt:a Wildcard Piece Capable of Composing Looks For All Occasions

Versatile and practical, the black skirt promises accurate productions that go from casual to ballad without the slightest effort

The black skirt is undeniably one of the most versatile pieces of women’s wardrobe.Besides being also a great ally of the looks of the day when creativity is not up.

A joker piece that transits in all styles, the black skirt fits between various trends and never goes out of style.It’s another piece that goes from the look of the ballad combined with a salmon, to the look of the Sunday lunch quiet.

The models are endless, have long black skirt, short, with detail, leather, round or more justinha.The tip is to choose the black skirt as the key piece of the look and assemble the rest of the production based on it, whether it is a more basic or elaborate look.

The accessories always make the difference in any look, so capriche!To help you put together amazing looks with the black skirt, we’ve developed some tips in partnership with the personal style consultant, Cintia Cortez.Check it!

Black miniskirt

The darling model at the time of putting on a more modern look and for the ballad.Cintia advises that women with their torso longer than their legs should be careful when using the mini length, as it can flatten the silhouette.”To break the effect of” shortening, “you need the skirt bar to be exactly in the middle of your thighs,” he says.To complete the look with a stripped-down look, Cintia says to wear sneakers or a metallic oxford.

Round black skirt

Here the romantic style prevails and you will find several models of skirt round, shorter or longer.As always, the accessories will give the finishing touch to the production.Cintia gives a tip of style:”enjoy the piece to bet on a retro look, with shirts or with T-shirts + scarves tied around the neck.”

Black peplum skirt

A model full of charm and with an extra touch of delicacy and femininity.You can create basic or elaborate looks without difficulty.”As these skirts already have a lot of volume, combine with blouses more ‘sequins’ and without much detail, not to get over,” advises the personal style consultant.

Black pencil skirt

The pencil skirt came back with everything and now it does not only appear in work environments.Cintia gives some tips of looks with the piece:”For more serious looks, opt for the classic combination of black pencil skirt and white shirt.For a relaxed look, the printed t-shirts, especially the more rock ‘n’ roll style, contrast a lot with the seriousness of the skirt, to finish, opt for a denim jacket and a pair of sneakers on the feet.”

Leather skirt

A classic piece that never goes out of style and is super versatile.”For a look full of visual interest, bet on the mix of textures.It is worth both the most delicate and the heavy, “comments Cintia.Try wearing the shirt with more laid-back t-shirts and white sneakers for a more up-to-date look.