Black Leather Jacket Street Style

My memories take place in a leather jacket mainly to secondary school. Then I wore leather jackets a lot, was brown, the black, and many of the girls passed these kippanoissa wide resoreilla equipped Sweden – any more I do not, then do not want this style of memories returned: D Maybe just because of these High vibojen leather jackets no longer wanted my closet just seen, even though in many cases yes I admire them above others. Black leather jacket may not be longer the most important duties of it to me, but before last summer I found in the Netherlands of a pretty little boutiques chance this two-color leather jacket. Camel suede leather front end brought immediately to the softness of the garment, and trade my time mallailtuani fell in love with the two color combination! Artificial leather jacket is not vaccinated wallet a lot, so it raised it home with me.

Just awful lot I do not, however, a jacket used (except Student Recreation overallswith, heh), and is not in uniforms appeared here on the blog, either. Somehow I just do not test good knowledge combine it very well, then Perhaps the reason for bringing their two-color, or I’m just not used to this kind of model of a shorter jacket. Here, however, the first real experiment with the coat, when I visited last Friday extempore coffees have been here to visit in Vaasa Lilli with Holidaysort. Soft and feminine line to tie coupler leather jacket with light blue dress shirt and oversized black bag, but in retrospect speaking, blue jeans would perhaps be better agreed hmm .. What do you think, or how do you wear this jacket? 🙂

I haven’t used leather jackets much since junior high. That’s when we all girls wore those, and I had one in black, one in brown and so on – but I don’t want to go any further into my not so pretty fashion memories 😀 Probably because of these I haven’t used leather jackets that much, although they do look great on others. That’s before I found this two colored jacket from the Netherlands the other fall, it was really a coincidence that I entered that interested looking tiny shop in Eindhoven. The camel brown front in suede makes the jacket look like much softer than a basic black one, so I think this one suits me better.

I still don’t feel like I know that well how to combine this though. I don’t know whether it’s because of the length (I’m used to wearing a bit longer coats) or the color combination, but I still have difficulties wearing this! Anyhow, here’s my first official outfit with the jacket, I thought I’d wear it with an oversized light blue shirt to make it look more classic. What do you think of this? 🙂