Best Trousers of the Season

The dreaded cold and odious rains come hard and willing to stay a long time? It’s time, then, to hide and protect our tanned legs to avoid greater evils.
This fall, more than ever, the pants will be the protagonists of our closet in all its forms and versions. Namely:

Pirate pants:

Tacky? Practice? Rainy days are practical, no doubt, and even more if you come with the boots. Are found in many colors and prints (or animal print metallic cowboy version), which combine perfectly with a medium heel shoes.

Jogging pants:

Don’t be fooled, remember the pants you wore in high school (and adjusted in the ankle), but now are recycled in different fabrics like wool or suede.

Pants XL version:

The classic tailored pants (the ones out of the closet of our companions to dress formally in meetings and events) renew the extra-large version and with low waist (if you prefer the traditional version of the tailored pants remember that are also in fashion and present themselves in the retro version). The fabrics are infinite (flannel, silk or crepe). If you like, you should use them with high heels.


For the first time in a long time, the designers seem to have heard the demands of the consumers of “walk”. This season, without a precedent, to bermuda shorts to prevent pneumonia and greater evils. You can see them in leather, wool, velvet or stamped.


According to ehistorylib, the pajama-style pants are back in fashion, but this time less strident and emphasized, above all, smooth or with stripes. Use them with shirts or tops day kind of robe for a night out.