Bermuda Shorts: the Amazing Story of the Short Pants

Bermuda – are not islands? And what exactly are the shorts of the same name? We have put together the most interesting facts about the classic summer legwear and also tell you how to combine Bermudas best!

It was once on a tropical island ….

Have you ever wondered what the Bermuda shorts have to do with the island of the same name?What a lot!The small group of islands in the middle of the Atlantic still belongs to the British overseas territory. It is the corner of the legendary Bermudad triangle and the name of the most popular summer legwear for men at all.

There are different stories about the invention, but the main reason is the tropical weather, which can be better tolerated in short pants than in long ones.

The British Royal Navy, which had introduced short trousers for their uniforms in desert or tropical areas, probably began with this.This idea was later taken over by the provincial forces of Great Britain and then, at the beginning of the twentieth century, by the businessmen and has developed into a very special tradition-rich look over time.

To this day, the short trousers are worn as formal clothing on the Bermuda islands, especially in their capital Hamilton, by the island inhabitants and are considered as national clothing for men.

… and the look looks today

In order to keep the British chic in spite of the lack of freedom and the whole thing as a business and official look, there are exact rules, how the Bermuda look must be combined, which is carried out by the islanders with pride in everyday life as well as on special occasions but only in the summer between April and November.In the cold season, Bermudas also wear long trousers.

A true Bermuda must meet the following criteria:

  • The material must be pure wool (worsted), linen, wool-polyester blend or pure cotton.
  • The shorts must end exactly three inches (7.62 cm) above the knee with a hem of the same length via indexdotcom.
  • The colors have to be bright or at least bright and contrast with the obligatory dark jacket.

In addition:

  • A belt
  • A shirt
  • A jacket, a blazer or a jacket (single-breasted or two-breasted) in a dark shade
  • Knee jumps, also in a dark tone
  • A tie
  • Lace-up shoes, best classic American Penny Loafers

In this video, a Bermudian shop owner once again explains exactly what makes the Bermudas so special (video in English):

Also on Instagram, there are many fans of the Bermuda look, which proves that the style can vary a bit – as long as you are not on the Bermuda islands:

Bermuda shorts are also the right choice for the sport, which is particularly appreciated by the British, as this photograph proves:

Just like your styling with Bermudas succeeds perfectly

Are you already fashionable in a summer mood and want to look at the Bermuda look?We will show you which parts from our shop are suitable and how you combine them best.

The look is alive with bright colors – but be careful: so that you do not look as if you had fallen into the color pot, you should leave it in a strong color.Of course, you can of course combine several parts in this color.

Already fashion expert Bruce Sturgell has declared the Bermuda shorts as the must-have of the summer – thanks to their advantageous length to short over the knees even better built men stand especially well and help to a slimmer look !It is also quite legitimate, even very welcome, in the hot months.More styling tips as well as Do’s and Dont’s on the subject of short pants can be found here!

The shorts

In our shop you will find a huge selection of Bermuda shorts , sometimes more and sometimes less close to the original.And certainly the right model is for you!

For the look we recommend these models:

The shirt

If you want to stay faithful to the Bermuda look, a long-sleeved shirt – whether colored or patterned, we leave it to you – just check it out!

Alternative to the shirt: a poloshirt

Especially on hot summer days, you can combine Bermuda Shorts simply classic with a poloshirt.The radiant colors also definitely remind you of a holiday in the tropics, and yet you are stylishly dressed!

The jacket

The original Bermuda look is of course the matching jacket – but only in combination with a long-sleeved shirt, because short-sleeved shirt or polo with jacket or jacket are an absolute no-go!With these models you can make a good figure:

The tie

Last but not least, there is still the tie, which is the icing on the cake:colorful colors are welcome – but do not exaggerate and stay in the same color family as your Bermuda Shorts!

The Bermuda look is definitely a fashion statement.We find that fashion should be fun to everyone, and just full-bodied men are far too rare to approach exceptional styling.That’s why:Have the courage to color and try out the Bermuda look this summer!

We wish you lots of fun!