Believe It: There Is a Store Selling “Ipad” for 214 Reais!

Obvious it is not the original.Unless you believe in a bunny laying eggs at Easter.

Believe It There Is a Store Selling Ipad for 214 Reais

The flood of generic ipads peaked one year after the release of the original (November 2010).

But they still wander through some online stores.Like zombies.

See the case of this Ipad tablet (not iPad, noted?) VIA8650, sold by the ems Shop , for 213.89 reais:

According to the website, it is a promotion, since the “normal” price would be 449.90 reais.

This generic iPad is “slightly” lower than the original iPad 4: comes with a VIA 8650 processor, dual core, 800MHZ, Android 2.2, miserable 256Mb of RAM and 2GB for storage.

The screen is no more than 800 × 480 resolution.

“How are you?”Well, know that it runs Flash 10.1, something the Apple tablet does not.

Other ipad clones


IPed was one of the first Chinese clones to appear on the market.To further confuse, in the manual it appeared as “apad”.

The only draw was the price: $ 105, versus $ 536 the price of the original iPad of the time.


If iPed sounds bad, inPad is almost a joke in the Portuguese language market.

The generic made in China had a 600Mhz processor;And ridiculous 128MB of RAM, running Android 2.1!

GoPad mini

Of course, if the Chinese clone the iPad it would be natural for them to clone the iPad mini as well.

Only now we are in 2013 and generics are no longer a joke.

The generic iPad mini comes with a similar weight and design, a dual-core 1.4GHz processor, 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage.

And the operating system, though not an iOS, is an upgraded Android 4.1, Jelly Bean.

The price?99 dollars!Will you face it?