Beira Rio Shoes Collection: New Releases, Photos, Models

One of the characteristics of Beira Rio Shoes is that they are lined with fabric and foam, also having the cushioned insole.

Just to observe these three characteristics, we already know what comes from information here about Beira Rio.Being that Vizzano, another great brand of comfortable shoes, is the owner of Beira Rio, we can expect the quality to be passed here as well.It will be?Come check out the history of Beira Rio, as are your shoes, collection, among others.

History of Footwear Beira Rio

According to Wikipedia , Calçados Beira Rio SA is a Brazilian company of women’s shoes.Only female!Founded in 1975 in the city of Igrejinha, the company currently has its administrative headquarters in Novo Hamburgo, Rio Grande do Sul, and productive subsidiaries in Igrejinha, Roca Sales, Sapiranga, Taquara and Osório, Mato Leitão, Novo Hamburgo and Teutônia.The company is one of the largest shoe manufacturers in Brazil, employing more than 5,000 people and its products are present in more than 60 countries.

In 2009, she was awarded the “Maisores & Melhores” award from Exame Magazine, in the category that brings together textile and footwear companies in Brazil, having previously been elected in 1997, 1998 and 1999. The company owns Beira Rio, Moleca, Modare, Vizzano, Molekinha. Only known names and quality, which already gives us credibility.

Beira Rio Comfort

Beira Rio Comfort is one of the brands of Beira Rio designed to meet modern women, who need to be always with the shoe in the foot and without wanting the disadvantage of going through the discomfort.The shoes of this brand are feminine and besides the beauty are taken care especially in the materials: napas, napa stretch and chamois.The heels are with structured heights, secure soles and insoles are lined.

They are shoes that are in the categories of boots over the knee , anabelas and boots mount to leave the modern look, casual sneakers (like the yacht) and in the prints we find varied, like floral, ethnic, animal print And textures that highlight the design of footwear.The most common colors of the brand are earthy tones, navy blue, nude and black.


The Moleca that is also part of the Beira Rio is totally feminine in its models, to think of the name it can be used by all ages. There are cheerful models, the sneakers already known, models of oxfords and the sandals. There are also fringed Boho Chic shoes.Speaking of quality the soft insoles are reference.The colors include red, pink, yellow, blue, wine, brown, black, beige and nude.The brand has unique prints and differentiated fabrics, such as velvets that let the shoes create the presence of a very urban look.


Vizzano is another brand of Beira Rio, luxury and sophistication are present. These shoes are more geared towards glamorous women who prefer to wear loafers and high heels. There are also scarpins , peet toes and the yachts.The details are the strong point to leave the brand sophisticated, the glares come from crystals, stones, chains, satins and varnishes that give a special detail to the look where you wear the footwear.The colors go through the shades of black, white, beige, navy, wine, red and mustard.


Molekinha shoes are aimed at girls.The ada new collection comes with a softer footwear than the other.They are sneakers, creeps, gladiators, anabelas, slippers, boots, scarpins (with very safe heels for girls, they do not exceed two centimeters in height).They are models inspired by mommy models.

The prints have floral, animal print, poá, ethnic, chess.They are cool and funny prints.

The shoes, which include those of Molekinha baby are all comfortable.The ones for the babies are up to seamless in the heel so do not hurt the tiny feet.

Where to Find Rio Beira Shoes?

Referring to its main differentiation, the page name on Facebook (Fan Page) of Beira Rio is just Beira Rio Comfort. ” Beira Rio Comfort offers a diversity of models to meet the needs of real women who play multiple roles on a daily basis.”

Fan Page is always updated content and new posts every day demonstrating the best products and giving shoe tips, as well as interacting with customers answering their questions and receiving suggestions.

To access just look for Beira Rio Comfort on Facebook or access our site

Another way to find Beira Rio is on the site Calçados Beira Rio. In it are all the brands of Beira Rio, Beira Rio Comfort, Moleca, Vizzano, Molekinha and Modare Ultracomforto.

For the site you can find in contact with Beira Rio, register your CV in the Work with Us, follow the institutional programs and be able to visit the websites of other brands.Directly on the website of other brands there is the option to buy online.