Beautiful Summer Dress

The dress of summer 2015 is “beautiful field”! Very short, midi, or so very long, she oscillates between Bohemian influences seventies, gypset and hippie chic, is fluid, flared, vaporous, Ethereal, plays with transparency, the nude tones or very colorful, floral prints, lace and embroidery, alternately glamorous and romantic. Overview.

Beautiful Summer Dress

The trendy dress

This summer will be absolutely bucolic and rural or not! Even if they stay on the Bohemian line seventies, “beautiful field” dresses offer a very wide range where draw according to your wishes. Note even when two major trends lighthouse that emerge this summer 2015.

Ago first romantic embroidered dress, possibly topped with lace, choose white, or in tones powder nude, ecru, beige, pink, pastel. She can play the glamour by very short, between Nightgown and shirt, thin straps on the sleeves leaving the skin. Or hippie chic in very long, air version, still very fluid. This dress shows just what it takes and let you guess the rest through subtle transparencies.

In the shopping season, it’s the dress flower power, with rich floral prints shimmering and full of good summer mood. She is short, midi or long, trapeze-shaped, cut asymmetrical or still wide, following all the movements of the body, she also always very fluid, playing with nonchalance and discreet femininity.

In General, the ‘beautiful fields’ dress adds little Accessories: its embroidery and flowers widely make it stand on its own!

The dress very short

Summer, we’re wearing this short dress for lunch on the terrace in the Sun, in meetings at the garden as for shopping sessions.

It is perfect for a casual-chic look of beautiful summer and may be accompanied of a small bag and all the flats trend of the moment, or heel, that she will highlight: Spartan Sandals to high laces, slippers, sneakers or running shoes offset or not, knotted shoes…

The dress very long

She is in town and in the countryside, with the label, the Spartans, beautiful flat sandals. If you want to break a little nonchalant style of this very long dress, with sneakers to look sporty, or boots to small heel for a more rock, more folk tone with a bull.

Accessorize to compensate for the size effect, for example with a short jacket; the Bohemian long dress also loves the big bags slung and beautiful hats!