Beautiful Plus Size Dress for the Summer 2016

Girls with this dress we’re going to be the most detached summer fatties

Loved this plus size dress that is the face of the summer 2016. The season of Sun is already knocking on our doors, eager to arrive. It seems that he fills our lives power and makes you happier, more beautiful, more tudooo!

The designer dress Predilect’s brings a plate of foliage to be seen in the shop windows of plus size clothing, as happened last summer. The colors that make up the pattern are wonderful, bring joy, chance, femininity and great taste. Well worth having one in the wardrobe.

I’ve used my dress with and without the belt. It is very curious to understand how only an accessory gives a different guy to play. As the pattern has a variation of colors, we can vary the color of the belt and create a different look.

Here on I showed the dress with a red belt. It was great! But I’ve used a green belt, Brown and black.Was very nice too!

The material of the dress is very fresh and take a light lining throughout the play, preventing the transparency.There are details in knitting (I think it’s knitting, okay?) on the sleeves and upper back. Are beautiful and delicate details that leave the most charming dress.

It is a very practical and comfortable dress to use in the heat of the season hotter.

Without the belt, the length is good and you can use at work (depending on the environment, of course!). A beautiful necklace also adds charm and character to the dress.

Girls, I propose we leave the comfort of the basic colors and neutral and risk looks colored. Can be much more lively and elegant! What do you think?

Now, now, I’m back with more news about plus size fashion for you!