Bathroom Lighting

The basics for a well-lit bathroom (or toilet) is that it has enough light and this should be uniform, that is, illuminate all space very well, especially the sink counter top. This warming up the minimum environment (usually small and with few openings) and creating the minimum of shadows. In addition, highlight lights can be placed, but are not requirements for efficient lighting. Let’s see some toilets and toilets:

This 1st. Bathroom is a bit strange (why the mirror is there? And the sink is a little too)??? but this is not the case now: Look at the reflections that the lighting provokes. Ugly, is not it?Reflection is a difficulty in enlightenment! In the 2nd photo, one of the worst solutions to light the mirror of the sink: The lamp almost at eye level of the user (who can not see anything). Even worse if the lamp gets very hot.

Here perhaps the best solution for bench lighting according to details from 2 milky washers (white, please!), One on each side, at the height of the face. The lamp should have high IRC (color reproduction index-higher, the more you see the color “in the right color”) and its intensity of light should be such that it illuminates well but does not dazzle by being too strong.

In this 1st. Picture you see the 2 dichroic beam (probably) that would have the purpose of illuminating the bench area for better use. But see that they are positioned towards the wall, which means they will not illuminate the face of the creature that stands in front of the sink … What does not happen in the second photo: The lamp has a slope that allows to illuminate the user’s face better.

Here 2 extremes: In the 1st photo there is so much light and so much white (that reflects the light) that the problem is not the shadow on the face, but one must be careful with the excess of light. Already in the 2nd photo the rail with some lamps in the center of the bathroom does not seem enough to illuminate the environment (there is a spot erased in the upper right corner for the bench, but even so, I miss other points of light).

In my opinion, in the 1st photo there is a lot of spot for a space that is not that big (and there should be more near the bench…). And in the 2nd photo, a way of illuminating that has already become classic but that must be very well calculated and have ‘support’: If you have less intensity, it does not work, if you have too much, you can get in the way. And a ceiling lighting (as you see in the photo) or good lighting in the environment as a whole is essential.

2 more details: Do not put lightly colored luminaire that modifies the color of the light on a bench (you can leave with the purple eye thinking that it has a slightly blue shade…) and be careful of the heat emitted by spots above the Toilet (you do not want to torture who will use it, do you?)


Personally, when I made this post I forgot to, as I usually do, give the credits due to the photos.They go below. In addition, the former owner of the bathroom of the 4th photo (from top to bottom), Flavia’s blog Looks my ap contacted me, informing that this bathroom (as you can tell) was in works when the photo was taken, But at the end of this the positioning of the lamps was very correct and she was very happy!