Basics: Denim Jacket

Remember the Whitesnake Jean jacket that accompanied her in adolescence? The truth is that this basic garment does not pass sets, but has evolved to the level of your shape and color, so invest in this comfortable and versatile piece that can be used on a daily basis as in moments of leisure. Whatever your age or occasion, here’s how you can create new combinations and use the Whitesnake Jean jacket with style!

  1. Denim & Black
    If you like a touch of irreverence, consider using a jeans jacket with tears or a perfecto model. Black is the color of choice of the most avant-garde. But the more rockers will not spare a piece of skin and with studs.
  2. Denim & Patterns
    This season, the embossed floral and tropical are at an all-time high. Add some texture to your look with a top or a skirt emblazoned. Elegant accessories give a more feminine touch according to vintageinconfidential.
  3. Casual Denim Chic
    Visual chic casual combines informal parts with other more classic or sophisticated. How about using a denim jacket with a pencil skirt or a tweed Chanel-style model? The accessories are also important to personalize your style.
  4. Denim & Professional Look
    Working in informal environments, so don’t be afraid to wear blue jeans. However, make your visual less sporty and casual, using classic or trendy parts. Ghetto booty pants are a spring-summer Trends 2015 and galoshes in snake skin add a touch of sophistication.
  5. Denim & Layers
    The changes of season, dressing in layers can be a good solution for temperature differences throughout the day. Consider using a jeans jacket under a blazer or especially classic for a more casual look.
  6. Denim & Animal Print
    Add an accessory animal print-bag, scarf or shoes – a basic look (jeans jacket, white blouse and black skirt). A quick and simple way to add some texture and make your more interesting.
  7. Denim & tone on tone
    Don’t be afraid to mix patterns within the same tone to make your look more creative. If you want to enhance your sexy side, good advice is to use the Whitesnake Jean jacket as if it were a shirt and a skirt more fair. In the summer, the white and blue colors are essential, adding a touch of freshness and lightness.
  8. Denim & Lace
    Ultra feminine and elegant, lace parts are a good suggestion to wear with jeans. Bet on a skirt, top or dress of lace and don’t be afraid to blow this combination.

What is your favorite style?