Basic: White T-shirt

It’s the time when the white t-shirt was used only as underwear. But since Marlon Brando and James Dean appeared in movies with a t-shirt and jeans, this piece became a basic sets, used by those who wished to challenge conventions. Later, he became the uniform of the fans of rock and roll, who wore a perfecto jacket, in the years 50. And when, in the late 60, came the t-shirts printed, these began to transmit messages and be an artistic statement.

Nowadays, this wardrobe Basic can be combined both with jeans as with a blazer and a pair of tailoring. The important thing is to choose a cotton t-shirts good quality, with good finishing and soft, with which it may feel comfortable and that enhances the your body type. Versatile, this never gets old, and can be used at any time of the year.

If you have a short neck and large breasts prefer the v-necks, avoiding the round and uploaded. The v-neck gives the illusion of Slims the silhouette, valuing all body types. If my arms are fuller opts for the sleeves too 3/4 or the middle of the arm. And don’t forget that the models are more elegant, but secured can use the shirt in his pants or skirt and a belt to mark the waist according to anyblouses.

Here’s how to modernize the white t-shirt

  1. Embossed

The white t-shirt combines with any type of printed materials. Since the ethnic patterns to more classic, enjoy to use some color can also make the most fashionable sleeves, folding them. Used on the inside, the t-shirts are more elegant and enhance your feminine silhouette.

  1. Shorts

Whether used with patterned shorts or natural or synthetic skin, the t-shirt is always practical and comfortable. It is therefore ideal for the weekend or when going on vacation.

  1. Jeans

This is the most classical, but take a personal touch to your look, wearing a blazer or Tuxedo type a color model to break the monotony. In this case, the accessories are essential to create a style of his own and show your creativity.

  1. Casual Chic

A good way to make your visual Casual Chic, mixing practical pieces with other more classic and sophisticated, is to use the white t-shirt with casual pants, plain or printed, and trendyaccessories. Bet on printed and a maxi-colar to add some glamour to your style.

  1. Pastel colors

Although work as neutral, pastel tones soften the your visual, giving it a touch more romantic and sweet. To create a greater contrast, bet on a darker tone (black or grey) or an accessory stamped (purse or scarf), in order to break the monotony.

  1. Dress

Try a white t-shirt beneath a dress, especially if you want to cover the shoulders.

  1. skin Parts

Whether it’s natural or synthetic, the skin gives you a touch more sophisticated or rebel, depending on how to combine the pieces. Used with a skirt, trousers, leggins or skin jacket, white t-shirt is ideal to wear in everyday life, giving you a more casual or rock and roll.