Background: Prada

Prada was founded in 1913 by Mario Prada in Milan, Mr.The company made shoes and bags in leather, which were sold through two shops in his home town. The flagship was a suitcase made of choice rose leather (!), but after that it turned out to be rather difficult in the context of air travel (due to weight) switched focus to the more exclusive handbags and accessories.

Background: Prada

in 1978, he left the company of Mario’s granddaughter, the now legendary Miuccia Prada. The company had financial difficulties, and she decided to reorient the company to get clearer Pet fashion. The first success came in 1985 when a simple, black nylon handbag took the fashion world by storm, and gave rise to a variety of copies on Europe’s streets and squares.

Four years later, in 1989, came the first prêt-à-porter collection by Prada. With a focus on luxurious materials and a clean, uncluttered silhouette Miuccia took it clearly distance itself from current fashion with colorful 80 ‘s. The fashion world took to the collection directly, and the next few years became Prada a fashion player to be reckoned with for real.

As an extension, and branching of fashion house Prada started 1992 a slightly cheaper, and more youthful focus, collection under the name of Miu Miu (Miuccias nickname). Shortly thereafter, they followed up with Prada Sport that made tennis shoes.

Since then, Prada has become one of the major and most influential fashion houses in the world. They also had interests in brands such as Helmut Lang (sold to the Japanese Link Theory), Jil Sander (sold to Change Capital Partners) and Fendi (sold to LVMH).

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