Baby Sleep Care Until the Third Month

The arrival of the newborn is one of the phases that requires much attention of mothers, because most born sleep tops 4 hours at a time at night you will have to get up to change the baby and breastfeed, despite that they sleep a lot (around 17 to 18 hours per day). Some babies are able to sleep all night from the second month of life, others take much longer, so create good sleep habits is important at that stage (explain below). In the third month the small start sleeping 15 hours a day.

Teach the difference between night and day:

It is important that the baby get used to it to distinguish between night and day for when you reach a certain age do not wake up at night, it is ideal to start the show from the second week:

  • At night avoid noises, light the minimum of lights and when is breast-feeding don’t play.
  • During the day, don’t worry about not making noise, keep the well-lit environment, play the maximum (for example with rattles and puppets) and call attention to breastfeeding the baby to stay awake.

Understand the signs of tiredness of the baby:

  • In the first weeks of life the little ones can’t stay awake more than 2 hours at a time, so your son indicate signs of weariness put him to sleep in his crib or stroller, because if you spend a lot of time that he will have difficulty falling asleep. The signs include: rubbing your eyes, dark circles, when you don’t stop messing with the ears or if you notice any sign watch.

Teach your baby to sleep alone:

  • From the sixth week when you notice signs of fatigue in your son, put him to sleep not to used to it fall asleep only when you nina. Try to establish a routine, doing everything in the same order and at the same time for him to understand that it’s time for sleep. Don’t let your child join your lap or the breast at bedtime, before he falls asleep on the cradle or if you get the feeling he’s sulking call your attention.

Solving common problems with sleep of the baby:

  • It is necessary that in the first months of life the small keep sleeping in the parents ‘ room, but not in the same bed, in a stroller or cot, to avoid disorders such as Sudden death syndrome (explain below), the baby is choking or regurgitating. Around the third month of age with the help of a “baby monitor”, you can put it to sleep in a separate room not to have future problems of the child not being able to sleep alone.
  • There is a controversy between professionals that they say you have to let your child cry myself to sleep to learn quotes being alone and others who disagree, on the first day of the trip to the separate bedroom is good try to leave a baby without anyone for 15 minutes, then return and the other days go increasing gradually as long as the child remains alone for the same.

How to avoid Sudden death syndrome in your child:

The syndrome affects babies under 1 cited year, despite its causes are not clear, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends:

  • Put the baby to sleep on your back, with the head to the side, one arm flexed and the other extended into a firm mattress and straight.
  • Don’t allow anyone to smoke around the baby, make a good prenatal care and especially don’t use drugs in pregnancy.
  • Don’t leave the room very warm and not too snuggly little.
  • In sleep time avoid leaving pillows, quilts, blankets, Teddy bears and toys in the crib. If you are not happy to see the baby discovered use a very light blanket.
  • Experts currently does not indicate put in the crib protectors, but if you really want to put prefer the thinner, firm, which are trapped in the crib and have no tie to the inside.
  • Do not expose the small infections, ask for people to wash hands before touching it and refuse visits of patients.