Awesome Facebook App Recreates Your Timeline in a Different Way (and Still Do Video)

Directly from Edelman Digital advertising agency laboratories, comes to Facebook an application developed for Microsoft that promises to change the way that you see your timeline. They managed to come up with a different way of displaying posts, updates, photos etc. most interesting posted on his Facebook over the last 365 days.

Called A Year in the Like, the application requires access to all the data on your drive on Facebook. Once the authorization is granted, the system embedded in it checks which were the posts commented on by their friends, relatives, family members and the like in the last year.

It may take even to see the result.

“You are welcome to look back at your year in a completely different way – through the eyes of your friends and family,” says the message as the data goes to Microsoft servers. Then, the application loads huge pictures of your timeline, complete with comments from your friends floating across the screen in chronological order (have a timeline “conventional” in the footer that serves navigation). To learn that it is each of them just click and see where he gets that message. What is the context, what the historical…

Application filters are used to decide which updates you want to see, including photos, videos and text even. It also gives the power to choose whether the display will be the “most popular” updates on the social network or all without restrictions. It also gives to set the comments to be displayed are everyone from close friends, or people who are part of a specific group of Facebook.

Personalization is the least of the problems for those using the application.

At the end of the accounts A Year in the Like even create a video with photos, comments and music beautiful background. In it you see your pictures, with relevant comments (sometimes not so) friends a cool way very pleased me. And since we are talking about a social application, it is fair to share the video finished on Twitter or Facebook with just one click.

I enjoyed seeing the Edelman Digital producing a piece of software so interesting. Of course, to get this result, told with a fat wallet of money coming directly from Microsoft.

Incidentally, the application was released because the MS has reached the first million “friends” on Facebook. The Facebook application is in English. I could not confirm with the staff of Edelman in Brazil we have a version in Portuguese.