Aviator Goggles: Must Have!

Has anyone of you seen an aircraft carrier around? kkkkEm 1936, the American Government hired Ray-Ban to design sunglasses for air force pilots. The pilots wanted something that would provide the same protection from flying glasses, but without the same weight and size. The Ray-Ban Aviatormodel was developed, which immediately became a success. After more than 70 years, these sunglasses keep the popularity, and the model that aviators wore in 1936 is the same as the celebrities and fashion aficionados use today.

The Aviator is the classic Ray-Ban, but almost every stylist, various prices, makes a good version. Are eternal and universally modern sunglasses at directoryaah.com that immediately bring that chic factor. Use them with the older jeans or jacket, dress, Bikini, clothes, any social look is more stylish when used with a model Aviator glasses. I love and I am a collector of all colors and models, I have several of Ray-Ban and other designers too! There is no thing more practical than sunglasses? They work by thousand: can you leave with way more chic, more blasé, hide your dark circles that day of “laziness of my makeup” and give attitude of “star”, and so on.

Ray-Ban has a unique style and stripped, the Aviator glasses brings an elegance to any look, reinventing the styles and allowing the creation of new possibilities. Dark or not, with different frames and with increasingly lighter materials he makes true miracles with outfits ranging from the even to casual looks, and the melhoooooor, as well as beautiful they protect our eyes from ultraviolet rays that when intense , can damage the retina. It is therefore very important to buy glasses, and avoid forgeries, that apart from the dubious quality, do not protect against the Sun’s rays. So little me brought a super reliable site where you will find a variety I-N-C-R-u-L, you will surely end up buying more than one. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

The first is the official site of Ray-bans, where do you find quality, an incredible variety, and agility in the delivery! And the second is a model liiiiiiiiindo I loooove and is the face of the summer, you can not miss the opportunity to finish off the your your Ray-ban!!

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