Ask Manolo: Rip Jeans?

Hi, I have a couple bright jeans that I would like to have a little hole and lighter lots in @ROCKJEANS:D!! How do I do is type chlorine an option??

This is hardly something you want to do with your favorite jeans without having tested a bit first. Rummage out some old jeans from your closet and try on before running in the “Scorpion”.

A new pair of jeans, you should use well before the first wash to get a stylish wear. It could be several months. Would you take to more effective methods to quickly achieve the desired result, you can use sandpaper or pumice. To get a nice wear on the jeans, it is important that it looks natural. Therefore try carry out abrasion with jeans on you, in so far as it goes.

The abrasion, do as I say best with sandpaper or pumice. Pumice stone can be found in health stores. Test with different grit on sandpaper to get the effect you want, but be careful not to grind too much. Jeans is a cotton fabric and grinds you may go. Now, type of course you want the hole, too, but holes arising in this way does not look especially lifelike.

To get more natural holes, you can use a rasp. A too-sharp tools do not provide natural looking holes. Once it passed the hole on a pair of jeans, it’s a big chance that the hole is growing in usage, so make them rather a bit too small and let them be torn up by themselves.

When it comes to bleaching, you should be careful with chlorine bleach. Chlorine bleach is so strong that there is a risk of pale spots instead of a natural bleaching if you accidentally spill. In addition, it can damage the fabric. Instead, try to find a bleaching agent for textiles. Stain remover such as Delete does not work.